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Is Netflix's New Limited Series, ‘The I-Land’ One of the Best or Worst Series ever?

Updated on September 19, 2019

‘The I-Land’ 8/10 - TV Series

So today, I have managed to binge watch the ENTIRE series of The I-Land, Netflix's hot new trending series in the UK right now, which is about ten people, all of who don't have any memories or recollection of how they got to this island (yes I know it sounds like Lost, but bare with), and the characters are convicted criminals, all on death row, and The I-Land is a simulation designed to see if they can be redeemed and released back into society - see told you to bare with! And as usual, when I finish a new series I like to read the review's and see what people thought, and to my surprise there were very mixed reviews.

What did I think? Well I have given my rating of 8/10, let's say my eyes were glued and all texts and social media activity was ignored. When I first saw the trailer, I thought "ok ok, so it seems like a kinda more twisted version of Lost", but boy will I say it's so much more than that, and to be honest I didn't even like Lost.

The 7 part series has you scratching your head from episode 1, and to my incredibly thankful surprise, 7 episodes certainly explained pretty much everything you needed to know. A part from what happened to Taylor and the Cannibal, but we can deal with that.

From legendary Actress Kate Bosworth, although her acting could be a bit cringeworthy in the first few episodes I must say - to my teenage crush (well, still a current crush) Alex Pettyfer, and also the HOT AS HELL Natalie Martinez, this stimulating new series has a lot to offer.

One thing I was impressed with was how well all the Actors took to their role and character, although judging by the reviews, this is what people weren't too fond of. Firstly, let's give some credit to Chase's Mom as that women was PURE EVIL, and every time she was in a scene I would hate her more and more - which to me shows she was playing the b*tch mom role pretty well. Donovan's character played by Anthony Lee Medina was surprising, and quite frankly in the end had my skin crawling. Mason played by Gilles Geary was a quiet character at first, who you assumed was just going to be the typical nerd who was somehow going to work out the logistics of how to get home, or that they were in some parallel world, but no, he turned out to be an absolute crazy insecure, seemingly bullied kid at school who had taken revenge.

Each character committed an awful crime within their past, but what I LOVED was that they all seemed genuinely sweet and innocent in the beginning, but even Blair was not the amiable person she seemed to be.

The last scene within the series was definitely sweet revenge, although within the last episode I did weep inside as we see our beloved Moses, who was stabbed by Cooper and Moses says to K.C "it's ok, it's just a simulation, I'm not really dying" when at that point in the series, you know he will in fact actually die *cry*.

You experience a whirlwind of emotions over the 7 part series, and I can guarantee you there will be times where you believe you've solved the mystery, but you wouldn't have done, believe me. This series has mostly everything you need; action, mystery, thriller, and can even be quite gruesome. I don't want to give too many things away as I believe this show should be given a chance.

The I-Land could potentially lead on to a Season 2, but due to it being a Limited Series one can only assume that this won't be the case. Good news though! The ending does not leave you on a brutal cliffhanger, which my sofa pillows are grateful for as I normally throw them on the floor raging, but anyways, I hope you enjoy The I-Land as much as I enjoyed it, and I would love for you to leave a comment with your thoughts on the series.

Back for more reviews soon! Leah


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© 2019 Leah O'Neill


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