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The IT Crowd quality humor :D

Updated on November 21, 2010

Well yesterday I was so bored, and went to lay down in my bed in front my good old friend the T.V, switching channels I discovered this "new" or maybe not that new T.V show which I find hilarious.

It all takes place in the Reynholm Industries, a very fake company located in London, In the first chapter of season 1, Jen is being interviewed by the very boss of this company who is completely nuts! and also very funny, so after Jen says in her curriculum that she has computer skills (like reading emails, sending emails, deleting emails...) her new boss decides to put her in the IT department... In the basement in the building where two nerds, Moss and Roy work, now this guys are completely inept at socializing and with that the fun comes out.

Now, why is this show so cool? well I think it's because they don't need all that sexual/double meaning humor american shows (this is British) have to make you laugh and I think that is very original in the present days where sex is the most selling product in the word.

So if you want to enjoy a very sane and hilarious TV show I highly recommend the IT crowd, which I know some of you guys will find similar to "the big bang theory" but believe me this is nothing like the big bang theory, at least for me I enjoy it more.

Well, hope you can find this tv show with your local tv provider, and have lots of fun with it.



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