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The Icing on the Cake on Will, Jada, and August Alsina

Updated on July 11, 2020
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Caila loves celebrity gossip. She hardly is out of the loop with most things in the latest culture when it comes to celebrity life.

Jada Pinkett Smith
Jada Pinkett Smith | Source

The 3 Way Situationship

SO! I’m sure by now, we’ve all heard about the whole Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, and August Alsina situation and if you have not, maybe you don’t care about celebrity culture! That is good. DO NOT get enveloped in the BS. However, if you already have and want to continue to indulge or just want to hear the story again then we can commence with my gossip and the way I feel about the tea that we were all just served! A quick recap is that August Alsina, is a cutie singer (27 years old), his last time being in a big surge of tabloids was when he came out about having an autoimmune disease and having to raise his nieces after an untimely death. Well in a recent interview he told everyone that he and Jada had a relationship a few years ago and that he was completely in love with her (like I mean head over heels in love with her) and that he had gotten Will Smith’s blessing to be in a relationship with her. Jada Pinkett Smith has just gone on record on her own talk show, the Red Table Talk, to confirm that she did have a relationship with August about 4-5 years ago when she and Will were basically on a break. It seems like Jada decided to go back to Will after she had healed whatever issues she was going through at that time. Will and Jada decided to work things out and they got back together, August fell back and didn't talk to her anymore and seems to not have healed since then, especially if he’s bringing it back up now!

August Alsina
August Alsina | Source

The Way I Feel About It...

NOW!!! The way that I feel about it, I think that August is trying to cry about something that he never truly had! When you’re dating someone else’s woman/man, you have to be up and ready for anything! So if the person wants their mate back or they want to go back to their mate or they decide to run off and do something else you have to expect that! They’re not yours. August seems to have forgotten the rules of the game really. Until the divorce is finalized, there is no REAL relationship between you two because she’s married to another person! Her heart lies somewhere else by default even if they are “on a break”. I don’t feel like August completely set himself up for failure though, because Jada and Will did both say on the Red Talk Table that they weren’t sure if they were ever going to talk to each other again at the time. However, if I was August and single, I would be leary of talking to someone who I (and the public) knew was already taken. A lot of people have heard the rumors that Jada and Will have either an open relationship and/or are swingers, so this wasn't a far step out of line from something that seemed possible to me to happen. So when August comes out and now Jada is forced to do damage control and have Will across from her at the table (where she’s usually lightly grilling folks) looking like a disappointed parent having a talk with their child about how they messed up.

Catching feelings for someone who cannot return them is never a good thing. While Jada took great care to try to dress the situation up better than what it actually is, she played the hell out of the kid, but really though, overall, I think August played himself. He should’ve known better than to deal with someone else’s woman and think that it would have a good outcome for him. He really just made himself look like a big baby or a creepy ex who can’t get over their ex. Honestly, I do feel bad for him and that his feelings got hurt in the situationship that they had together, but I don’t at the same time, because you walked in that fiery door, shut it, and slid the key to it back out and decided to stay until you couldn't anymore. You were just waiting to get burned really. I don’t think he is emotionally over the whole issue. On top of that, part of this HAS to be somewhat for clout. Alsina just released his third new album late June 2020, so I’m sure this must get him some kind of attention for that, even though, no shade, I don’t know too many people dying to buy an August Alsina album anyway, but go off though, my brother. So this is just all a small rumor mill and I like that Will and Jada came to clean it all up for the sake of themselves and their reputations and for the sake of healing.

The Aftermath

One thing that this has brought up is the question: Do you guys still want that Will and Jada love? They go through the running shits like normal people, it looks like, too. So what it comes down to as a lesson is that, every marriage is a challenge and no one is relationship goals at the end of the day. They showed that they have gone through hardships in order to be together it seems. They seem to respect each other very much, are very good friends, and communicate very healthily. Every relationship will have problems, even marriages. This only just reminds me that no one is perfect, no love is perfect and that we cannot idolize anyone else’s love life, because Will and Jada hid their BS that they go through just like everyone else from the world beautifully. No one really knew that they weren’t together for a while because they’re so private with their love life. Will did make a comment that caught my attention and made me think and go even deeper though when I heard it. He said something like he was going to get her back. She said that he already did before. So now for more gossip: I think that he was having a side fling with someone else too at some point and they just haven’t said anything and they’ve just played their role as a side chick. Will obviously knew about August and Jada’s relationship, he just never thought that the world would know. So same thing with Jada knowing about Will’s situationships during their breakups and pauses in their relationship. I have a weird feeling about Margot Robbie being in back to back films with Will for a while and they had SUCH good on screen chemistry. I could be wrong but I wouldn’t be surprised if they had boned a couple of times, had a few quick dates, on-set hangouts here and there trying to be as discreet about it as possible.

150 characters is worth 1,000 words...

A fan tweets a picture of Keke and Alsina together in regards to her original tweet about boundaries and privacy.
A fan tweets a picture of Keke and Alsina together in regards to her original tweet about boundaries and privacy. | Source

August Alsina- Fuckboy or Hurt and Lost?!

Now since Jada has cleared the air, EVERYBODY and their mother has something to say about the situation, including myself. Even celebrities have made comments. Just hours after Jada’s Red Table Talk, Keke Palmer made a tweet about respecting people’s privacy and boundaries and a fan confronted her with a clearly old picture of them in a car. Keke took the pic and August doesn’t even seem to be paying attention to it at all, and the fan’s caption was “This you?” (Lol!) So Keke should’ve known that now wasn’t the time to comment back on something like that especially when August is in such a fragile state and just releasing business about something extremely private and personal and possibly dooming to another relationship. She not only comments back but shares her retweet and states that August was not her man and that the fan was reaching for something to find but couldn't. THIS is where the fuckboy and the pain came out in August, because apparently he saw the tweets and decided to comment back about it. He went off on her and said that he was NEVER her man and that she could never pull him basically. He essentially went on to call her thirsty and say that he curved her because of her friends telling him that she was mentally unstable. (Which if Keke Palmer IS mentally unstable, then the world did not need to know that unless she wanted to say something about it herself, and that would also attest to her many personalities in her performances on her Instagram pages and the way that she presents herself a lot of the time. However, I like Keke!) She did not deserve that much treatment, if any at all, because she never said anything to really slight August. He doesn’t know that her original tweet was about him so why did he have to lash out and go so hard on her for nothing? Check out the tweets below...

Now MIGHT not have been the best time, Keke...

Keke Palmer retweets a fan, starting a virtual spat between her and August.
Keke Palmer retweets a fan, starting a virtual spat between her and August. | Source

August Alsina tweets back in response to Keke Palmer regarding a photo of them together.

August lashes out at Keke for even saying anything about him on Twitter.
August lashes out at Keke for even saying anything about him on Twitter. | Source

The Healing

Hit dogs will holler, I guess. I think that is classic fuckboy stuff. August hasn’t gotten his way in a while it seems and now his anger might be building up and boiling over and he comes off as being very hurt (while trying to pretend like he’s calm). He even continued to try to rip apart Keke Palmer into the next morning, while she expressed the love that her fans have shown her since he went off on her via the internet. She knows that he is going through a hard time and she says she won't kick him while he's down or anything like that, and I can admire her maturity about the situation, although I don't think that she should've responded to the petty fan in the first place. There was no reason for him to go that hard on Keke and jump down her throat and there was no reason for him to release his business regarding him and Jada to the world. That’s the move of someone who is really hurt or someone who just wants to manipulate how people view you now according to past situations. Jada did say that August hadn’t talked to her in years, so maybe he hasn’t fully healed and hasn’t found the closure that he needs to fully close the book of him and Jada. But I do like that Jada did address it and came forward with her version of the truth and gave us her side of the story so we could find the middle somewhere in between. This whole situation is hysterical and sad all at the same time, but I am glad that Will and Jada showed the world that love is not always what it seems and that marriage and true relationships take work and patience. Hopefully her talk with Will on her show on Facebook will help August in his path to healing and closure if he does decide to watch it one day himself. I also hope that he never tries to date another married or emotionally taken woman again and makes better decisions for his heart and mentality. Emotional pain can change people in many different ways and I do believe that this is one of those times.

Will Smith, who was dragged into this mess via announcement from his wife's ex side boyfriend.
Will Smith, who was dragged into this mess via announcement from his wife's ex side boyfriend. | Source

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