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The Illuminati Music Industry

Updated on June 4, 2014
The All Seeing Eye
The All Seeing Eye | Source

The Illuminati Music Industry

Around the world there are always conspiracies that are going on and most of them you can connect back to the illuminati. A majority of people listens to music and the music industry controls what you listen to. Yet, with the industry controlling what is going on many people do not pay attention to the real meaning of lyrics or actions of an artist. It has to do with needing to open people’s eyes to the bigger picture and not just a part of it. The music industry works to brainwash its listeners by using symbolism, subliminal messages, and its ritual process.

Music videos are a big part of artists showing their fans and new viewers the story of their song. But within the videos you can see symbolism. And when you know what they are, you begin to realize how frequent they become. There are several illuminati symbols placed in the music videos or wherever the artist goes. The main and most recognizable one would have to be the All Seeing Eye. It is only one eye with many artists showing this on their album cover. The All Seeing Eye can be seen on the United States one-dollar bill right on top of the pyramid. Another symbol is the pyramid, which is usually accompanied by the eye or alone. Also the freemasons play a role where their well-known symbol is placed in the video. A great example of an artist that has been showing symbolism of these types is Rihanna. In one of her songs called “Run This Town” shows a group of rebels going against a town and taking control of it. The leader of the rebel group is Rihanna where she has all of her followers making the beat with the torches. As they make contact with both torches it resembles the freemason symbol. Also as Rihanna is up on the stage she has her two hands up in the air with all of her fingers together except for both the index and thumb, making the “L” shape. And as you put both “L’s” together with the index and thumb touching each other, it creates a triangle. On Rihanna’s album cover, “Rated R”, shows her in a picture in which her right hand covers her right eye, which leaves you with one eye. Lady Gaga is another artist that shows similar symbolism where she also uses the thunderbolt going through one eye. And what this all means is that these artists are showing that they are a part of the illuminated ones.

Subliminal messages have been used in early advertisement commercials. It is used to get something into the viewers mind without them knowing consciously. Your subconscious mind captures everything you don’t see. It is a way of mind controlling what you want to do, your actions. There are several movies and T.V. shows that try to get all age groups to be exposed to these subliminal messages. There is currently a show running on T.V. called “House of Anubis” (You tube, Nickelodeons Illuminati). It is on Nickelodeon, which is a children’s network. This is a perfect example for the subliminal messages because of the amount of subconscious information you take from it. To start off on its logo there is The All Seeing Eye on the letter “A” of Anubis. Within the show there is many more symbolism that we discussed in the last paragraph. Music videos have also been known to include subliminal messages such as the pyramid with the eye in the background in a video called “the life” by Prodigy. With songs containing symbols being put into your mind without you knowing is another way they use to get their message over. Yet, that is not the only way, they also send their message backwards in their songs. Artists sing songs made with specific intentions to make people think a certain way by using all of their sneaky ways to put their ideas in our subconscious mind. There are many examples of these types of messages especially in the song “Stairway To Heaven” by Led Zeppelin. There is a specific part in the song where it begins saying “if there’s a bustle in your hedgerow…There’s still time to change the road you’re on” (You tube, stairway to heaven) and the backwards message you hear from it is something that is surprising and scary. A part of the message says “So here’s to my sweet Satan” (You tube, stairway to heaven) which goes back to my point where these artists want to get this in our minds. It is a very creepy thing to find out how songs by famous artists have messages and most of them are not ones anyone would want to hear. The purpose of the message is to get you to feel that it is all right to agree with the information and take action upon it.

The ritual process in which these artists go through is a crazy thing. If you know anything about the illuminati, you know that their overall goal is to take over the control of the world’s population. And the music industry is apart of the illuminati’s agenda in order to accomplish their goal society try’s to get people on the mind set of that you need to live a life aimed toward becoming famous and rich. And there are people in this world that would do anything to get there. This is where artists come in and they want to break into the industry. But in order to sign with the “big record companies” ( they have to be willing to work with the illuminati’s agenda. Think about it, what controls who gets famous? The media does, if the media does not make a big deal about it no one really knows about the subject. So with these famous artists they got there with the help of the media. Now, who controls the media? The powerful leaders of the illuminati do, with the main one being Satan. The most famous celebrates make a deal with the devil in order to become famous. What is this deal, you might ask? You trade your soul to him for fame and fortune. There have been several artists that have hinted to this really happening through their songs or interviews. An example of a song is by Rihanna called “Disturbia.” Throughout the song she sings about being in this trap in which she cannot get out of saying that it is “a disease of the mind it can control you” ( Another is Eminem in “Not Afraid” he raps about how he is going to change for the better saying “I'm breaking out of this cage, I’m standing up, Imma face my demons” ( He is not caring about his deal that he made and is going to move on. In an interview with Bob Dylan on 60 Minutes, you can see how there is something not right. He is hinting towards selling his soul to the devil especially when he says “I made a bargain with it a long time ago… to get to where I am today” (Bob Dylan, You tube). After he said that quote he does not clearly state whom he made the bargain with but does not refer to God but to another that he refers to as the “chief” (Bob Dylan, You tube).

Music has connected people throughout the years, ranging from several genres. It has a dark secret lying within its lyrics though. Symbolism, subliminal messages, and the ritual process all have something to do with the music industry’s connection with the illuminati. They have a higher agenda with intentions of not doing good things. Artists are brainwashed to do the illuminati’s work for them and their fans follow what they do. You have to listen to the lyrics and not the beat. Read between the lines and you will see how corrupt they can be.

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      Lybrah 5 years ago

      Great hub! Check out mine if you have the time.

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      Henry 5 years ago


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      unknown 6 years ago

      I was searching for this because I saw stuff on the "illuminati" on mtv and how the song "run this town" is the "illuminati's" theme song


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