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The Illustrious Career of Actor Richard Towers

Updated on October 22, 2010

It All Started With Mackie...

I was watching The Last House on the Left—from 1972--with my friend, Mackie (name has been changed to protect the idiocy), who kept insisting that she recognized the actor playing the dad from somewhere.  Since she would not shut up about it even after the movie was over, I took to to help solve the mystery. My findings were quite unexpected.  The actor, Gaylord St. James, had been in 12 movies over his illustrious career, 95% of which were in 1970’s porn.  Not judging ol’ Mackie, but now I imagine what kind of VHS tapes (you know that stuff isn’t out on DVD yet) she keeps tucked away at the bottom of her closet.

Since I don’t judge people(often), I figured why not take this opportunity to highlight the career of Gaylord St. James AKA Richard Towers AKA Greg Reynolds AKA Joe Powers AKA Tony Armada AKA Dick Towers AKA Donald Warren AKA Dick Stone.  Yes those are real—I’m far too busy and important to create eight different names for one dude.


Filmography (of sorts)

This fella, born Richard Towers, started his career in the 1965 Civil Rights (according to IMDB—I have not seen it) film Murder in Mississippi, as Dick Stone.  He followed this up by bursting <literally> onto the porn scene under his given name, in 1966 in the uncredited role of “Man at Posh Party” in Sin in the City.  While taking a break from being Richard Towers in 1968, he assumed the identity of Donald Warren and starred as “Gregory Stewart” in The Procurer (Tagline:  “He was a trap for innocent girls”).  That name didn’t last long, and once again as Richard Towers, he had an uncredited role as “Barney Wilson” in Horn-a-Plenty and as “Father” in Gigi Goes to Pot.  Side note:  I wish I had thought of these amazing titles first.

Towers made three films in 1972, each under a different moniker.  Under his birth name, he starred as “Daddy” in Rosebud—“Daddy’s Not-So Little Girl.”  Later, he portrayed “Brian Rawson” in the soft-core comedy, Keyholes Are for Peeping, under the pseudonym Tony Armada.  The tagline for Keyholes was:  “Will Titillate The Cockles of Your Heart!”  I’m not sure what that means, but it makes me uncomfortable.  Finally, Towers—as Gaylord St. James—went legit as “Dr. John Collingwood” in Wes Craven’s The Last House on the Left, keeping his clothes on the entire time.

Feeling the need for yet another appellation renovation (say that out loud, it’s fun), Towers became Joe Powers to portray “Tony” in Fleshpot on 42nd Street in 1973.  For reasons unknown, the following year Greg Reynolds became the moniker of choice as he starred as “Larry” in Deadly Weapons alongside the famously talented, Chesty Morgan.  After a short break, Towers resurfaced in 1977 in the documentary Let Me Die a Woman, as the uncredited “John in Park.”  I’m not quite sure how you can be an uncredited character in a documentary, but what do I know?  After making eleven movies over a span of twelve years, Richard Towers stepped out of the D-List spotlight for almost three decades.

In 2006, Gaylord St. James was resurrected to star as “The Blind Man” in Nubile Nuisance (another adult film), only to vanish again.

Deadly Weapons


Lessons Learned

Unfortunately, IMDB did not provide any “Where Are They Now” information on Richard Towers. However, after reviewing his long-spanning career, I wonder which of these spectacular films introduced this man to Mackie. Could she have been entranced by his talent as “Man at Posh Party” or perhaps it was love at first sight for his portrayal of “The Blind Man”? Or did she fall into his “trap for young girls” while watching his riveting performance in The Procurer? Either way, I’m grateful for my dear friend Mackie’s silent love affair with this 1970’s adult film actor, as it inspired me to learn more about the man with eight names. Thanks, pal.

Last House on the Left trailer


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