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The Immortals: A Movie Review

Updated on June 19, 2016

Another vision in 3D that works.

Although the movie is shown in theatres in 3D, not seeing The Immortals in 3D doesn't take anything away from the film.
Although the movie is shown in theatres in 3D, not seeing The Immortals in 3D doesn't take anything away from the film. | Source
This is a must see for any fan of mythology films. There is plenty of CGI and over the top scenes.
This is a must see for any fan of mythology films. There is plenty of CGI and over the top scenes. | Source

Another movie in the same genre as The Immortals is Poseidon.

Compared to other similar films

The main link seen by viewers is actually more than likely what the actors wore, the back drops and fight scenes. In actuality the settings are different times in history as well as characters and stories. Admittedly the actors in 300 did a much better job.

Directed by Tarsem Singh the movie will be a hit for those who enjoy special visual effects and Greek mythology.

This was a much anticipated film for lots of folks. The preview scenes were breathtaking and just short of amazing. Sitting down to see the entire production had lots of people on the edge of the theater seats. Whether in 3D or without the glasses, both forms of this moving picture was worth the wait for most.

The movie The Immortals is a slight disappointment with a sort of general theme and storyline. A question is if this is a result of basing the characters and script around numerous stories from characters of Greek mythology. This is actually a combination of more than a few of these connected into a great story that works. The story is not too far out of line to make it unbelievable for anyone intelligent enough to realize this theme.

The ideal and story line comes together terrific because the director really didn't try too hard with this task. He kept it simple making the awe and shock come with the visual effects rather than the acting capabilities of the men and women playing characters.

From the same makers of 300

The creators are responsible for the next round in big screen cinema blow outs based on Greek mythology. This has been a successful route to invest in according to box office grosses for this kind of film. The movie has been compared over and over again to the movie 300. There are several similarities, but also quite a few differences.

Most of the similarities were the costumes and physical attributes male actors brought to the screen. The Immortals certainly has half naked men with rock hard abs, but it was not based on any specific book. The movie 300 was based on a book from the esteemed author Frank Miller. Of course the costumes were similar, but in actuality the stories are from different periods in history.

This one is certainly worth a look for anyone who liked “300”. The same producers have fashioned both of these bigger than life movies to take us back in time to a simpler world ruled by Gods, Titans along with mere mortals. Both were produced by the same people, but different directors.

The story of the Spartans and the Greeks in the film 300 was wonderfully directed. However, this movie's directing was nowhere near shabby. Sit back and observe through the eyes of a talented director this particularly entertaining film.

Most admit the film is likely to be nominated for the costumes and not directing capability.


A great king is planning a coup on his enemy. To be certain of victory, he needs some help. His prize is the defeat of the Gods sitting on Mount Olympus. Alone he is unable to make it so. Therefore, he requires the Titans. This is a deadly spawn feared by all and expected to do the job. Getting to the Titans is not an easy task.

There is a legend accepted as true which says in order to do this a unique weapon is needed. A bow which is a sort of key to get the Titans out of a prison built to hold them.

Just like all of the mythology the story is the voyage, the fight, the impossible and the superstar making it all come out roses. The joke is the movie ends on a positive note while most greek mythology did not.


The evil king Hyperion of Crete pursues an invasion of Greece to defeat the Gods of Mount Olympus. He plans to use the legendary Epirus Bow to give freedom to the imprisoned Titans to help his cause. Once these devil spawn are released, he is confident the plan is a sure thing. The king appears to be above nothing to achieve the goal of defeating his recognized enemy.

Zeus plays a big part in the storyline. He is putting all efforts forth to stop the evil king from accomplishing his goal. Zeus, who has a plan in every Greek mythology movie, is using his influence to guide Theseus to beat the king no matter what it takes. This time he wants to basically use the people as a whole to overthrow the dictator before he has a chance to do harm.

Since his boyhood Theseus has been led by Zeus in the hope this young inexperienced boy will inspire the Grecian to foil the evil King and the evil plan. It’s the simple stories like this capable of allowing an audience to concentrate more on the visual and leave the intricacies of a complicated plot or storyline behind.

Characters that work well

The characters are certainly somewhat limited. However, most of movie goers purposely seeking out this type of story on the screen don’t look for much character depth. The crowd awaits the special 3D effects and where they take a person..

A great director permits those special effects to take an individual to the land of the dinosaurs or to the 23rd century. In this case he takes viewers to Mount Olympus and director Tarsem Singh did not disappoint on this. His visual style transports the viewer and is certainly seen with in the interpretation of another Greek story of mythology.

The two main characters are a conflict in casting. We have a fairly new actor to the big screen and an award winning veteran. The combination works. Theseus is played by actor Henry Cavill who does a fairly good job. Although is acting career is somewhat limited, he is very nice to look at. The director has Mickey Rourke as the big bad king. Rourke of course takes us to another level with his acting. He believes he is the king which in turn makes us believe he is the king as we absorb the evil atmosphere and anticipates what is to come as the story unfolds.

Frieda Pinto from Rise of the Planet Apes plays the role of Phaedra an oracle with the sight to see the future. Zeus was played by two different actors, John Hurt (Zeus as seen by the mortals) and Luke Evans (Zeus as seen by the Gods). Both are great in the role and Evans gets to play Zeus in the fight scenes showcased with the special impacts the film delivers with 3D.

The cast isn’t bad, but of course most people want to see the movie for the visual impressions it has to offer viewers. More so than characters being complex with any sort of depth they need to “look” the part enough to convince the audience of the storyline when you have this type of movie. This satisfies viewers just enough to avoid disappointment.

Special Effects

Although the movie is presented in the theatre in 3D, the extra D doesn’t add much to the movie. Seeing the film without this impact will not take anything away from The Immortals. A number of viewers have noted that it appears as if the characters are playing out the scenes on an enormous stage and not necessarily a movie screen. This impression isn’t helped or hindered by the lack of 3D for a visual impression for most.

Negative impressions

There are some viewpoints shared which do not agree with the decision to film the fight scenes using this method. Fight scenes are typically the most appealing portions of big blockbusters surrounding strife and war. This was of course a decision of the director and delivered by the visual effects coordinator, but different is not always necessarily good for everyone. This will definitely cloud lots of reviews making them negative against the film.

Positive attributes

The film has one exceptional and very unique attribute which many say will make or break it. This is a slow motioned battle scene filmed with the Titans falling in slow motion while the Gods continue to fight at a fast pace at the same time. The scene and similar visual impressions and the directors interpretation of the story is what makes it remarkable in its own right apart from the films it has been compared to.

Computer Generating Imagery is a innovative approach which is not new for any movie made over the last several years. Though, finding new ways to use it is something lots of directors have no interest in. This is what will make the Immortals have their own place in history for several of the scenes.

The costume choices and designs are stunning. Although the women are characteristically dressed to kill in most of these types of films, the men aren't too shabby in this one. Details shown with the hairstyling and jewelry is amazing.

In conclusion

The Immortals have a few of their own tricks to separate the film from the rest of the great stories on the big and little screen today like “300”, The Warrior’s Way and Spartacus. I would definitely give this one a thumbs up for anyone that is attracted by the storyline and comparable type films

This one will definitely be a sleeper many will miss and a lucky few will catch and appreciate.

A brief view of The Immortals

Poseidon Jumping

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    • pmccray profile image

      pmccray 6 years ago from Utah

      I have yet to watch "300", it look too much like a cartoon, yet I will give it and "The Immortals" a look. Love the trailer. Voted up, marked useful and interesting.

    • phdast7 profile image

      Theresa Ast 6 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      I did like "300" although it was a bit over the top historically and culturally, but after all it was a film, not a history textbook. :) Based on "300" and your review I will definitely check out "The Immortals."

    • family2010 profile image

      family2010 6 years ago

      Thanks, I never got the chance to watch 300, hopefully I will see this one.