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'Immortals' Movie Review...

Updated on December 10, 2011

A Review of The Movie, Immortals...

Those who read this blog on a fairly regular basis know that I love the movies and often used their respective dialogues when apt to further flesh out the given themes of the blogs; however, I seldom go anymore to the movies because it seems that every plot is mandated to push the gay agenda. Moreover, I swear to you that there are shows on television that are far more superior than most of the nonsense coming out of Hollywood, at least in the genres I fancy - these shows include Justified, Supernatural, Nikita, Chuck, Burn Notice, The Closer, Game of Thrones, The Vampire Diaries, Grimm, Once Upon A Time…and I can go on and on. Notwithstanding the stellar pedigree of the shows that can be had now on the Tele, I ventured out to see the new movie, Immortals, which opened 11/111/2011. Anyone who saw the movie 300 and loved it will likewise be satisfied with Immortals.

The plot of Immortals is not intricate; it is a simple story about the Greek gods and their interaction with us mortals, especially one in particular, Theseus – of course the gods’ interaction comes with the attendant caveats and conditions. It must be noted that in Greek mythology, Theseus is the father of Athens and has Divine lineage. In Immortals, Theseus, played by English actor, Henry Cavill, has the righteous indignation about him and his mother’s station in Greek society. Indeed, Theseus is not a Patrician, but a mere peasant who resides at home with his mother at an age in Greek society when he should be siring babies – a fact which Theseus is constantly being reminded of by his doting mother. Incidentally, Theseus’ mother, we are told, was apparently raped and neither mother nor son knows who the father is, but one suspects that it is Zeus… though this is never discussed in the movie.

The plot of Immortals further depicts a malevolent Mickey Rourke, as the antagonist, playing the role as King Hyperion, whose every breath is expended to gain power; Rourke plays the role with gusto and is slavishly Machiavellian in his quest for the weapon that would enable him to become the despot of the world. Like the movie 300, the bloodletting is plentiful, but it is done in that graphic-novel-style, which, somehow, seems to lessen the gore effect; but make no mistake, Immortals is not a movie for the faint hearted or children because of said graphic fight scenes. Mr. Rourke’s character disdain for the gods is borne out of the fact that the latter did not aid him in his time of need and for that slight Rourke’s character wakes the Titans who were banished and trapped by Zeus. When these Titans are awaken and given their freedom, the ensuing battle between gods and Titans choreography is one of sheer bloodletting splendor. And if I chose to watch Immortals without the 3-D glasses that were available, I can only imagine what it is like in 3-D.

In further assessing the plot for Immortals, one will walk away thinking that how similar the main character Theseus’ is to Jesus Christ - even his name sounds similar in pronunciation and there are more similarities: Theseus is a peasant to Jesus’ vocation as a carpenter; Theseus is looked upon as the savior; it is implied that Theseus, although mortal, is more than that; Theseus has uncanny courage and fighting skills; and at the end of the movie there is one more important similarity to Jesus, the Christ, which drives the premise home. Immortals also did something very unique by whetting the audience’s appetite and sating its curiosity by giving them a glimpse of the sequel, which entails war among the Gods - these scenes are eye gratifying… depicting fierce battles between Gods and Titans… walking on air and turning the azure blue skies and clouds ruby red….


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    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 6 years ago from Virginia

      Nice review....I enjoyed reading this is such a great review that I am attaching it to my Top Films of 2011 hub....hope it brings you some additional traffic. Voted up and useful.