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The Importance of Having Faith

Updated on March 12, 2018


Having faith is easier said than done now. It is by far the hardest thing to do in this walk with GOD. If it is hard for followers imagine how it is for believers. For example, the teacher in the movie God is not dead 2. She knew about Jesus. She encouraged that others learn about Jesus. She stood strong on her faith in her beliefs starting out but in the end, she got weak. She got weak and her students stood up for her and gave her strength. It’s important to have those beside you that will push you to have it because we all get weak. In each miracle there was faith. When Moses was chosen to lead the people to the promise land he had to have faith. When Jesus walked on water and his disciple Peter tried coming out to him he fell in the water. Jesus helped him up and said O YE OF LITTLE FAITH. Faith is essential in this walk with GOD because we don’t see him but must believe he is working. There are three movies on Netflix describing what faith is and why it is important having. One is called UNCONDITIONAL (2012), KINGS FAITH (2013), and A MATTER OF FAITH (2014).


This is a series of stories and it starts off that way. The woman was a dreamer. She found the man of her dreams and her day was shattered when he was murdered. She struggled with having faith in GOD remembering the night when she witnessed her husband’s bloody body being covered up. She felt a part of her was gone. Meanwhile, two children attempt to rob a store. The store clerks and manager runs them off. Before she attempts to kill herself in the rain she witnesses the kids running. The lesser of the kids was a little girl. The little girl was hit by a car. As she laid lifeless in the road. He elder brother screams in horror. She grabs the little girl and takes her to a local hospital. The little girl survives. The woman befriends both children the woman’s name is Samantha Crawford who is played by Lynn Collins. She meets an old friend named Joe Bradford who is played by Michael Ealey. Joe was the to see those children. Sam was still depressed and thinking of her ex but she was happier. It’s because of her those kids are alive. As Sam woke up the next day she gets a call from the kids. She goes and sees the kids but sees a familiar face that she remembers very well. She sees her ex-husbands killer. Joe did not look sick but once she got there she saw that he was but that did not stop him from being there for the kids in his community. He was a diabetic. Joe helped Sam open more. Sam helped the kids, Joe, and she even forgave her husband’s killer.

Kings Faith

Brendan King played by Crawford Wilson was a juvenile placed in foster care. While in foster care he moved in with his foster parents the stubs played by James McDaniel and Lynn Whitfield. Brenden seemed happy in his new home. He did not have to worry about it being raided or anything and he was always in his bible but he still had to deal with the residue of his past. Not only was he reading the bible himself. He learned a lot from his foster dad. Brenden was rewarded from his foster dad with a car of his own to drive around. He later finds that his foster parents had a son who was a police officer and was killed. His past gets out around the school but he doesn’t seem to care about it. He rescues a girl from his school from burning in a car. He later gets a visit from some old friends about some artifacts that are not all there. The old friends name was Eli who is played by Brandon Correa. Eli wanted him to recover the artifacts that were missing. Brendan was reluctant in doing so. He did not want to go back into that life. He and his Faith Club went to rehab the house he grew up in. The house that was raided. Him doing the project does not come without adversity but he remains faithful that he will complete it and he does. Before completing it, he is severely beat up. His foster parents are forced to nurse him back to health. During the process he notices that Eli burned down his house. His foster mom breaks the news to him. Kings faith helped all of those around him including Eli. Despite being angry, he was talked back into his right mind by his friends. Eli tried to stop his faith but truth is, you cannot stop faith. It will always keep going.

A Matter of Faith

Rachel Whitaker has been raised as a Christian from since she was born. Jordan Trovillion plays the role. As she leaves for college she is failed with challenges. There are parties, boys and more challenges a Christian girl faces after college life. Her first night she attends a party and speaks to a boy. Earlier that day she was introduced to Professor Kaman who is played by played by Harry Anderson. Portland’s approach to teaching attracted all the students. He made it fun but he also had a hidden intention that stood out. He did not agree with biblical theories. He did not think it was a considerable alternative. He presented a theory that Rachel tried. She offered $100 to a guy if he allowed her to crack three eggs on his head and she cracked two and keeps the money. She meets up with the guy and apologizes. She befriends the guy. She visits her home and her father notices changes in her actions. He also notices that she is sliding away from her morals. As a father he gets concerned. She did not even go to church with them. He begins to research professor Kaman and informs the campus that Kaman is imparting the wrong message to his students. He later confronts the arrogant professor and challenges the professor in a debate. Him being in the debate embarrasses his daughter. He informs the daughter that he does not like what he is teaching her. Before the debate Stephen, who is played by Jay Pickett, is approached with some vital information. Rachel tries to get her father to back out but he stands his ground. Stephen contacts a former professor who taught biblical theories before Professor Kaman was hired. The professor was named Professor Portland played by Clarence Gilyard. Portland reluctantly agreed but the night of the debate, he realized Kaman needed to be put in his plate and he did it.


In these movies there were challenges. When you have faith there always is. With faith you can be healed, delivered and set free. Even those that have up the strongest shield it heals them. In the first film Sam was mentally bruised because of the loss of her husband. She was attempting suicide but seeing the life of someone else in danger helped her get past it. She became looser as time went on. She gained it all back. Those kids and Joe helped her get it back. The same happened in Kings faith. The title is what got me. It is King’s faith that changed the lives of those around him. When I see it I considered King as GOD? God is the king. The only one that can heal. Brendan’s faith first changed the friend. She thought about giving up. His faith later changed his foster mother when she nursed him back to health and those he helped change helped him. His challenge was Eli. Kings faith is what we all need in our lives. In the last movie a matter of faith it is simple. You must have faith to believe that GOD is real and if you don’t it’s you. None of us can see GOD but there is proof all around that he is real. Proof even in history.

Having faith in God is needed?

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© 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 

      8 months ago from Norfolk, England

      I've not seen this, but it sounds really interesting.


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