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The Incredibles 2004 Character Guide And Review

Updated on March 30, 2018
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Sometimes it's nice to just sit back and relax with the kids and watch as good cartoon movie. Here is one that will be enjoyable for you too

The Incredibles Family #TheIncredibles
The Incredibles Family #TheIncredibles | Source

With the sequel coming June 2018, it's time to get re-acquainted with the family of the Incredibles.

What’s It About?

Mishaps while saving the world result in lawsuits against superheroes. The government places all known 'supers' into relocation programs and force them to hide their super identities.

Doing their best in their white-collar world, Bob (formerly Mr Incredible) and his best friend Lucius (Frozone) sometimes sneak out and listen to the police scanner like the old days. Sometimes incognito, they remedy crimes.

When Bob receives a secret message asking for his super-help, he has to try to save and the day.

Even if it means lying to his wife. Will his secret superhero ways destroy his marriage?

#TheIncredibles Bob Parr A.K.A Mr Incredible
#TheIncredibles Bob Parr A.K.A Mr Incredible | Source

Quick Film Info

Directed and written by: Brad Bird.

Brad’s previous cartoon animations are Ratatouille (2007) and The Iron Giant. He is also behind Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011) and Tomorrowland (2013). He is a voice actor on Jurassic Park (2015) as the monorail announcer.

Release: London Film Festival was first to screen it October 2004 followed by US and wide release November 2004.

Starring: Craig T. Nelson, Samuel L. Jackson and Holly Hunter.

Budget: Cost $92 million to make and grossed $631 million world-wide.

The sequel trailer has dropped and is causing waves of excitement all over the internet. I've included it here. Release is June 2018.

Who Is Your Favourite Character?

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#TheIncredibles #Elastigirl A.K.A Helen Parr
#TheIncredibles #Elastigirl A.K.A Helen Parr | Source

Mom and Dad Superpowers

Mr Incredible A.K.A Bob Parr

Known for his crime fighting skills.

Powers: Can lift more than 66 tons. Superhuman strength and agility. Runs much faster than a human but not as fast as his son. Increased ability to hear and sense even the slightest noises and presences.

Weakness: Can be cut with hard metals. Some high impacts can cause him to wince.

Elastigirl A.K.A Helen Parr

Known for her flexibility, ability to pilot most vehicles and planes, combat and strategist.

Powers: Stretch any part of her body (except her head) to 300 feet (90 meters). She can also leap more than 80 feet (24 meters). She can mould herself into a different shapes and sizes such as a boats or parachutes. Increased strength and above average eye-sight.

Weakness: Some stretching seems to cause her a bit of pain but no physical injury. She can also be knocked out.


Parr Children Superpowers

Vi A.K.A Violet Parr

Known for her penchant for going solo, she likes respect. She's intelligent.

Powers: Her ability to become invisible and create force field's can also be used to shield other people not just herself.

Weakness: While in her force field if she is hit hard enough, Vi can become injured against the sides of it. She can easily be knocked out. Having to use her powers for long periods of time can cause her to become very tired.

Dash— Speedo— Little Insect A.K.A Dashiell Robert Parr

Known for his ability to prank and be reckless. He is extremely competitive and very brave in the face of danger.

Powers: Can get to speeds of over 190 miles per hour with any limb. He also has increased reaction time. His speed gives him superhuman agility and combat skills.

Jack-Jack A.K.A Jack-Jack Parr

Known for being a cutie-pie.

Powers: Can shape-shift into non-organic elements like flames or monsters. Able to pass through solid objects. Laser beams and levitation.

Weakness: Is a baby so none of his powers inflict much damage however this could change over time and his powers are still pretty cool.

4 stars for The Incredibles

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