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The Informant

Updated on December 16, 2009

A Story Based On Possibly The Dumbest Man Alive

Matt Damon gives one of the most entertaining performances of his career. Based off the true story of Mark Whitacre (Matt Damon), whom helps the FBI in uncover various scandals involving price-fixation of a corporate giant. Unfortunately, the man turns out to be one the biggest morons, in the world, as he not only lies about various things about himself. He also has the compulsive habit to lie whenever he deems it suitable to his needs. However, that's not to say that the information that he helps the FBI attain, about price-fixation is false, but it does lead to a lot of trouble for Mark later on. Matt Damon was simply hilarious in his role as the corporate vice-president turned informant. Just as you think Mark couldn't be more of an idiot, he does something that will prove to you that he is a even bigger moron than you think, while making the viewer laugh. Steven Soderbergh does a great job creating the right atmosphere for this movie, and the supporting cast was brilliant in their perspective roles. "The Informant" is definitely one of the must see films of the year.

Matt Damon was a freaking genius in this movie. Portraying a high level corporate executive, with a conscience, whom takes it upon himself to aid the FBI in their ongoing investigation of one the biggest corporate scandals, in history. Unfortunately, Mark also proves to be one of biggest idiots in history, as well. As I've stated earlier, Mark tends to lie whenever it serves his personal needs, which causes a lot of problems throughout the movie. Ranging from him lying about being adopted to publicly admitting, to the media, that FBI agent, Brian Shepard (Scott Bakula), beat him up. Which is rather idiotic considering, Brian was the one helping out Mark throughout most of the film. Indeed, Matt Damon gave probably the funniest performance, I've seen all year. Although Mark does come off as a giant moronic boob, in this movie, Matt portrays him in such a way, that you can't help but feel sorry for the guy at times.

The supporting cast was great in their perspective roles as well. Melanie Lynskey (Ginger Whitacre) and Scott Bakula in particular seemed great playing the voice of reason, to Mark. Which makes it that much more hilarious when Mark does his own thing anyway.

Steven Soderbergh does a great job creating the right amount of humor, without resorting to slapstick or low brow comedy.  Instead, Steven uses a brand of high brow witty humor, that most films tend to lack today.  Hence, making the movie that much more entertaining. 

Matt Damon was brilliant in this movie.  Featuring solid performance and direction, that makes this film truly enjoyable.  "The Informant" is definitely one of best films of the year.


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