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The Iranian Vampire Film: A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

Updated on December 9, 2014

You either will love it or hate it. That said, it is a foreign-like film made in and around Taft, CA. The actors are American-Iranian and speak Farsi. The film has English subtitles. It uses many throwback techniques and filmed in black and white. Since this is a vampire film, this adds to the "mood", yet, at times, takes on a "student film". In truth, it originally was a "short film" of less than 30 minutes and then made into a "feature" for Sundance competition that stretches it past 90 minutes. For some, the stretch will be too far and the ending will prompt viewer, "Is that it?" type responses.

The log line for this film is: A vampire falls in love between feedings. She feeds on the bad men in "Bad City". The film's use of black and white works extremely well for this Iranian vampire wears a chador or hijab, like many do in Iran. This is used with great effect because she feeds only at night and at times, her black hijab blends too well with pitch black night. At times, she rides a skateboard in her attack. The subplot deals with drug use and how some feed the habit, how pimps use prostitutes and other bad men in crime.

So, this vampire seeks out men victims who are predators on society and women. In a way, this vampire is the heroine for Bad City, the Batman of Gotham. She targets the seedy and horrid men in this city. Yet, she does have fun listening to Madonna and other 80's bands while in her dingy basement residence. Many of the cars in this city are classics, as if this city is in a time bubble. When the vampire attends a costume party she meets a dashing man dressed as Dracula, for a serious second, she thinks it IS Dracula, her love of loves. This Dracula is drunk and plays along but the two do fall in love.

This Iranian vampire is of the avenging type during her feeding times. Her fangs pop out and the blood sucking ensues. In black and white, it is much more sinister. Her attacks are more cloaked by darkness and her hijab. The victims are not sure what to make of her as the approach occurs. This happens to a pimp.

Since this is a vampire love movie, the love conveyed is done in non-physical ways, as in the silent picture era. You know love when you see it or sense it. It is NOT like Twilight. The viewer is constantly reminded of other films here, from the Clint Eastwood "spaghetti westerns", the music, vampire teen movies, art-house movies, a dash of Hitchcock. So, in the end, you either liked it for the cinematography and "mood" and "campiness" or not. There is a certain amount of attractiveness to it. But, after 60 minutes, the thrill and interest may turn to a slow slog in the third act. The end just sort of grinds to an end. Viewer ratings give it a 7 out of 10.

The perfect ending song would have been, Peggy Lee's, "Is That All There Is"?


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