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Isadora Duncan: The Original Dancing queen

Updated on September 28, 2014

The whole world trembled when she came into the world. The music of love echoed into the
universe.On seeing the goddess of beauty, worshiper of art and a symbol of wisdom, everybody said in one tune...oh Isadora this world is brightened by you.The sun rose as everyday.After chirping, the tired birds were taking a breather on the stems and other's works of the world were going on as everyday . Do you know what happened then? No On 27,May ,1877 , world greatest dancer Isadora Duncan took birth in this world. Although, she was wandering into the universe from many centuries of making thrust.


A birth of new melody on earth...

The birth of Angela Isadora Duncan meant a birth of new melody in the world. She was born in San Francisco and was the youngest of her two brothers Augustin Duncan, Raymond Duncan and sister Elizabeth Duncan. Her mother Mary Isadora Gray was extremelysagacious lady and a chronicle of struggle in itself. She brought up her children carefully, and proved a very good mother to them after being abandoned by her husband. Her father was a very acquisitive and straight forward to such extent that marriage seemed to him an impediment on the path to his advancement.The warp and weft relations of her parents were a ground for Isadora coming life.The soil on which she grew and nurtured. After opening the eyes, she only touched a skirt of her mother then the sound of sea struck in her ears. A little baby romped in her mother's lap.While she wept, her mother filled music tunes into her crying and taught her a unique method of breathing in which every breath, looks a bit of music. She also taught her that to feel the love from the soul is only a law of love and whatever the life is, to live life by the beautiful way is a love.

Dancing With Nature
Dancing With Nature | Source

No cradle of flowers and no pat of happiness.

After the birth, She played with sea, eat a hunger and drink, a music.Sorrows were her companions. She never wept, and never passed on any signs of sorrow. Moreover, She was very genial and fled all of her sorrows with a smile. She attracted too many peoples by shaking her legs and arms. It was not shaking legs and arms like an ordinary child. However, it was the beginning of little Isadora to gather audiences for herself. When other children plays, chuckles and insists for things. She took responsibility on her shoulders of learning a dance to children . One day after returning from work, when her mother saw that a little Isadora was tutoring different postures of dance to neighbourhood children in front of her house. She astonished, and her eyes brimmed over. Immediately, She started playing a piano in an ecstasy, that was perhaps a consent,love and courage of a mother to the work of her daughter.And that was a beginning of an Ezadora first dance school.

Who was a dance teacher of Isadora?. And from whom she learnt a dance was a question that went across her many times. But. The answer was she took birth on the shore of the sea, and it was her only friend and nature was her only teacher. She learned a dance from the waves of the sea, from trees, from clouds, from a soft breeze and by getting inspiration from her own expression, actions and emotions. A eulogized wind brought a motion in her dancing steps and gave her perfection. Into the words of Richard Austin, She was alike, such a dancer, that was purely a creation of god without, being a gift of classic study or preparation.


The sky is limitless as well as her mind...

Usually, we weep whole life for facing adversities of life.There are really few people who paid their greatness to the long littleness of life.Ezadora was one of them. She once stated that"I am very thankful to poverty,struggle and hard work in my adolescence days because it made me more constructive and experimental because of these a special kind of calmness came into my life. By holding the hand of starvation she entered into the school of life. Where she gained her name on the stage in the world of Dance. Isadora is not a person, But is a call of the soul. She is that melody which breathes into our veins. To know Ezadora means to experience ourselves.To understand her philosophy just means to open the hardest knots of life. Her thought's or attitude towards life was mainly responsible in developing her Dance Art. She developed her own and unique dancing style. She said what is a dance it is an only expression of freedom and enter into ourself and hand over our beautiful innerworld to the outer world, while learning something new each time is a dance. And that was the world of Isadora. Whenever she dance on the shore of the sea it seemed like the whole nature was dancing with her, and time had stopped for a while. Recite Isadora name or love is a single thing. She was a symbol of love on earth.

She had only two goals of life...Love and Dance. Both brought her to those highly heights of satisfaction, on reaching there this world and it's all things seemed very valueless. She was beauty of love and had ever lasting faith in love.She intensely adopted love in her life.But;Tragedy was that not even a single man came into her life who could understand her at all. Her definition of love was very grave,vast and high.That had nothing to do with the laws of the world.


To go beyond from the threshould of age

Isadora was a very different and very conscious woman. She saw the marriage of her parents and its consequences in her that she was against the institution of marriage.She believed to fulfill its obligations is impossible for any open-minded women.She said that women's who were marrying and were happy with it, either they were acting to be happy, or they did not had a courage to break their limitations.She faced severe criticism about her views to marriage.However, she always stuck to these views.

Isadora was very forward and extraordinary girl in comparison with other girls.The first time she fell in love with Vernon when she was only eleven years old. He was one of her students, a druggist and a very beautiful boy .Who appealed to her bosom.He loved dancing with her. Besides, she was crazy about him and every time got lost in his dreams, she saw all the night in anxiousness towards his window just to get one glance of him. She loved him at the extent of insanity and wanted to live each second of her life with him. However, unfortunately, her love was one sided.She could not convey her feelings directly to him, but to free herself after pouring everything into the dairies. She swayed in the cradle of love for two years. One day, it ruined everything between them when she got to know his marriage had finalized.

That night, she poured her all love into the tears and departed the San Francisco.In 1899, she along with family moved to Chicago on the request of the theatre company.Their lives was full of troubles in Chicago. They had no ceiling overhead and no food to feed.She worked very hard all the day and earned some money by dancing on the roads to feed her family. Nevertheless,In spite of all the troubles, she found a bit of happiness, when Ivan Miroski came in her lonely desert life like drops of water.He himself was a poet and painter. He was forty five years old, and his emotion was filled with love for Isadora.He liked her very much, on the other hand; the meaning of his presence for Isadora was to rid herself from all the difficulties of life for sometimes.

Soon, she gave up finding a sound job in Chicago and went to New York,.


Art of New york and her lack of interest...

New York city was very open and connoisseur in comparison with Chicago and San Francisco. Although, she was happy for getting the shore of the sea once again. However, at the same time, it was also the beginning of her conflict with an art. In New York, she joined John Augustin Daly's Theater Company and got an opportunity to perform the pantomime with the famous actress of Paris Jane May on the stage. It was her first debut performance upon the stage. Nonetheless, the problem was pantomime was totally opposite of the dancing style of Ezadora. Her performance upon the stage was average. She heard the sound of claps, saw cheering audiences, But in spite of all, she was not happy because it was not that art which poured into her veins. She believed to set free a dance like a flow. While Pentomime was tied to the rules and regulations, but she accepted to perform it in order to feed her family.

One day, she sat entrapped by difficulties and didn't know from where a shaft of hope came and touched her shoulder, she at once said to herself--London? At1900, she along with her family departed to London. It was known for artistry and literature. There were many connoisseurs. She joined the Benson's Company in London. She met with the director of the New Gallery and a musician, Charles Halle, and gave three recitals at the gallery on March 16, July 4, and July 6 of 1900. The Prince of Wales, subsequently to become King Edward, also arrived to see her recital at The Court Theatre on May 29,1900.While in London, usually she went to see the play of Henry Irving's company: she saw the performance of Irving, Ellen Terry (1847‐1928), and her son Edward Henry Gordon Craig (1872‐1966) in Cymbeline.


...into the pink weather of Paris

She came across two beautiful boys into the pink weather of France, both were an admirer of her art.... Novella and Venice were having very attractive personalities. However, Isadora fell in love with Andre Byuni, who was a friend of both. He taught her French while Ejadora was learning something else. In these days, she got so curious to taste the sexual love in her life and wanted to reach its culminating peaks in the enjoyment of love. She made every effort she knew to allure him, but Andre was not quick. He feared and believed it is a sin.Then, after smiling for a long time at his helplessness, she came back to her art from where she got shelter.

The smell of the art of Isadora had begun to spread out after dancing into the night clubs, bars and parties of the richest peoples.She was getting a status of a dancer, but she did not have any type of discipline in her dance.She put out herself while mounting upon the wings of art and presented a unique dance with her divine postures, which had the quality to swing the whole universe. She also faced a severe criticism because of her experiments with dance from many art specialists of that time. But she remained unmindful of everything and was regularly setting new standards of dance in the Paris. She also met many artists such as Auguste Rodin (1840 to1917), Eugene Carriere (18491906), Loie Fuller (18621928) and Mary Desti (18711931) in France.Then; She joined a tour of Loie Fuller's company and visited Berlin, Leipzig, Vienna and Austria. Intellectuality always attracted her. Whenever she saw any shadow of knowledge and artistry, she became curious to get in that shadow. While wandering in the search of these shadows she met with a great artist Rostand she saw his act, hear his views and became a die heart fan of him. The physical distances could be finished between them, but the effect of morality was such in her upbringing that separated them. She accepted him as Intellectual friend and teacher of herself.


Polished her art with defeats

She embraced to the financial crisis like her lover.She knew as much as we learn in poverty, we could never learn anywhere in the world. She was truly great and strange women to one side, wherever, she agreed to dance in the personal parties to feed her family.While, on the other hand, she jilted a extremely big offer to dance into the musical hall by saying that her artistry is not for music hall or for those few richest people sitting at the hall.Actually, she was a part of poor , and her art was for destitute and insulted peoples.Many men's had come into her life but until now, her body wall was not demolished, but at Budhapost, she played with a Hungarian actor. That was a love of one sight.When Isadora saw him into the role of Romeo since then, she called him her own Romeo.Her Romeo sang her beautiful songs of gipsies,praise her beauty and also sustained her sobs.Any women could be ready to give up in front of such man. She also felt melting her body in the lap of his lover and become a flower from a bud and this unique change proved very beneficial to her artistry into the future. Yet, soon many differences appeared into this relation also because we know that any woman remains always ready to sacrifice her everything from her lover while this is impossible for a man. He was playing with her feelings and constantly ignoring her. While on one side her feelings were burned, however her Romeo was very keen about his new character on the other side.

In Berlin her dance, her philosophy over dance and her thoughts were getting very popular. She was regularly experimenting with her dance, and the whole Germany was saying in one tune Dance Isadora Dance. In these days, her curiosity was in understanding the new principles of Philosophy and painting. The philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche was giving an unknown vision to her thoughts. She visited the museum in her spare time,and lost in the painting of Sandro Botticelli. She wrote in her autobiography that she wanted to create a dance based on such a painting in which a message would be contained for all humanity. She had no attachment with any other dances of that time, rather she opposed them because they linked up with regulations, while she was totally against any types of rules in the art.So that many people criticized her dance. Nevertheless, her natural performance upon the stage always shut the mouth of her critiques. In fact, her dance was very above from all these explanations and comments.


A sky was limitless...

The meaning of descending repeatedly into the ocean of love is ... To embrace the suffering again and again. Still, the attraction of love was such in her that she could not be saved from it. On one side of her mind, a battle had been started between the Apollo, Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite, Christian philosophy, Friedrich Nietzsche

and Wagner, while on the other side love was repeatedly knocking at the door of her heart. This time her encounter was with Henrik Thode. He was very cognitive and much honourable personality of Barut. They got close to each other and started a very memorable and unforgettable love between them. Thode kisses gave calmness to her heart, and her eyes overflowed. They spent many nights collectively with each other, but did not happen anything like the physical relationship between them. She just spent some fantastic moments of her life with him, and again concentrated on her dance. She experienced a very specular time there. Love and dance had filled her littleness of life, to some extent, that even after leaving Barut for long time she kept alive these beautiful moments spent with him in her heart.


A Fragrance of Motherhood...

Who can stop the following winds, or tied them with the legal philosophies of society? In September 24, 1906 Isadora heard a voice of motherhood within herself and gave a birth of her first child Deirdre without a spousal relationship, then the society also heard her rebellious views on the marriage.Her love with Edward Gordon Craig son of Allen Terry brought her to motherhood. In these days, she was so happy to be a mother and only one word came from her mouth that was Love... Love and Love. She felt into the limitless moments of love, why was she even alive?. She was totally mad for the love of Craig because he was the father of her baby. She wanted to be with him forever, but bad destiny... the meaning of living with Craig was for her to give up her art forever. That's was a very difficult time for her, if she loved Craig, then she too loved her art very much. She could not leave her dance, especially at this fourth dimension, when her art was at its peak and all the world was praising her art. Many politicians, big artists, actors all over the world, and from here President Roosevelt also came to see her dance and clapping for long hours in curiosity.

Money came and went from her like the waves of sea. She was bringing up a fourty poor child with her earning. In which twenty children were from Germany, and the other twenty were from Paris. Moreover she took responsibility of many other social works on her shoulders. As a consequence, her bank balance was continuously diminishing. In between she faced with Paris Singer in her life. He was a really big fan of Isadora. He can do everything to secure her art. He was very impressed from the principles behind the idealistic school of Isadora. He was not any artist or genius, simply was a lover of the art. Whenever Isadora told him about the Republic of Plato and various principles of Karl Marx,then his face started to get out of order. She was not understanding, why she was reading a song of the open road of Whitman to him and discussing a various thinness of Music and dance with him. Soon she realized that her definition of life was very different from him. Even so, In spite of a differences, she continuously lived with him for sometimes and got pregnant from him. On May 1, 1910 she gave birth to her son Patrick. Dedray cheerfully flattered of getting the brother.


Oh life why you became so cruel...

We could not know how much darkness is hidden behind every shining moment. That was the very beautiful day of, 1913. When Paris sent her a message that he wanted to see the children. She blossomed. She readied the children and adorned herself. They were very happy together. On reaching there he loved the children and spent some beautiful time with them. Afterward that she kissed and sent them to the home with the governess in a car. However, she did not know that those were the last moments of farewell, the car met with an accident, and both her children died. This wrath, the mass of sorrow was so huge to her that she was melting in it until her last breath. Beethoven, Chopin, Shuma, Schubert

... No music of any kind was decreasing her sorrow. She cried all the day and repeatedly said to the waves of sea give my children back. Her eyes stayed dry and empty. Then again, Singer called her and said we will open a school of dance, in which she will be learned a dance to more than one thousand children.She saw her dream was articulating from the mouth of Singer. School was opened and succeed, her students also got praised for their demonstration. Nevertheless, it was not enough to finish her sadness and sorrows. The only resolution was to have her own baby, and again she became pregnant within the clamoring of her school students and gave birth to her third child. She asked the child repeatedly who are you ? Patrick or Deirdre. One day, she found out that a baby was facing a problem in breathing, suddenly a doctor was called but within a few moments everything had finished.Life had given a many shock to Isadora, but she did not forget to refuge the sufferings of the world in her heart. She was not ignorant of the circumstances of Russia of that time. The atrocities of Tsar Nicholas II and it's coercion on the innocent peoples was mentally upsetting her. When a red flag unfurled in Russia , she danced all the night on the Eve of independence, and gave calmness to the hearts of Russians by presenting a unique and wonderful dance upon the stage. She was seeing a ray of hope into the revolution of Russia. She also presented a Moriches and Hymn to the Tsar on that day.


Once again, knocking of love at her heart

she was not getting rid of various tunes of sorrows in her life even after absorbing herself into the
worldly business.Liz was a musician and a spiritual teacher.

The spiritual music of Liz brought her beyond the creation. She danced for many hours over his music. Both were happy, and the mixtures of music and dance were reducing her sufferings.In between she called her students back to herself from USA. Liz fell in love with one of her students and once again the melody of music ended in her life. This time she felt jealous also along with sorrow, soon she left this world and as well USA forever. The Russian Govt already gave an offer to her about opening a dance school in Russia. Finally, In 1921 after leaving America, she went towards Russia.

She was always a great fan of Karl Marx. She was really excited to go to the land of Maxim Gorki and Lenin. She felt that was the beginning of her new life. She entered into the world of comrades with her huge dreams. She was most welcome to Russia. A school was opened for her. Lenin also came to see her dance. She met with young poet Yasanen into the Russia. He was younger than Isadora. We don't know whatever Isadora saw in him, it is articulated that he didn't love Isadora but to love her glamour. He required a passport and some other documents also to go on a tour of America.

All of his problems were solved if he married with Isadora. Lastly, in the year 1922 Isadora got married with Yasanen. However, she pronounced her marriage was just by chance; it does not have anything to do with her views about the concept of marriage. Although this relationship was going through very difficult times, and it was sure to break. This tour of America was rolled up with lots of bitter memories. Yesenen naughtiness was just like any stubborn child. Subsequently returning to Russia, she said to one of her friends that she had brought back safe a child of this country, now she had nothing to do with it.

One shock was remaining to experience for Isadora in Russia. The Russian Govt had already opened a school for Isadora, but Isadora had to bear it's all other disbursements. After dancing continuously into day and night shows, she sent money to school. Her student Irma Duncan looked after the school management. She at present had become more well-informed and didn't like the interference of Isadora. By the now Isadora had understood that it was too late. And it was the second biggest shock of her life because after the dying of her own child's, she found happiness in these children. She once again felt the death of her own kids. The deception of Irma totally thrashed her because she loved her like own baby.


Farewell to my beautiful world!

Isadora was filled with love, and the art ran through her veins. She was always a shining beauty of the world. It did not matter for her whether her pockets were filled with money or not. In these days, her economic condition was going too same as if it was in her childhood days. Her fans did lots for her but her extravagancy; her style of living was such that it did not leave anything near Isadora . That was the day of 14 sep, 1927 whenever she fell in love with that red car. She intended to get a test drive of the car. She sat in it with her full grace, and she rolled up a warm shawl around her body into that winter evening. She seemed so happy and beautiful. A car got started but doesn't know why that moment was in so hurry to register into the records of history. The shawl of Isadora got stuck to the wheel of car, and her neck stretched. In the way, it was the wonderful end of the life of a wonderful lady… That moment was registered into the history, but until now, every single pose of her dance is still breathing in it.

isadora (1966)

Who was Isadora Duncan?


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    • Shivendra Tiwari profile image

      Shivendra Tiwari 

      3 years ago from New Delhi, India

      highly informative and equally interesting.

    • ocfireflies profile image


      4 years ago from North Carolina

      A loving write about a loving person. Thank you.

      ocfireflies aka Kim

    • Jasdeep-Singh profile imageAUTHOR

      Laddi Singh 

      4 years ago from (Punjab) India

      MsDora, Thanks for sharing your insights. I feel that she was very extraordinary and her life was very amazing and her talent was God gifted. Lastly, looking forward to hearing more form you.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      4 years ago from The Caribbean

      Thanks for this presentation on the life of Isadora Duncan. "Nature was her only teacher." That's amazing. She was truly a gift to the world, sharing her talents so passionately.

    • Jasdeep-Singh profile imageAUTHOR

      Laddi Singh 

      4 years ago from (Punjab) India

      Colin, She was a exceptional genius of world. Her dance was a gift of nature. She was one and only unique dancer of the world. I am so glad you enjoyed some moments of the Life of ever greatest Isadora.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      A very interesting and thorough presentation of Isadora's life and work; the video clip was particularly useful as it illustrated Isadora's dazzling choreography. I admired the way she turned the tragedy of the death of her children to art, as a form of recovery from the traumatic loss she suffered. Her life was like a firework - dazzling, but short-lived.

    • Jasdeep-Singh profile imageAUTHOR

      Laddi Singh 

      4 years ago from (Punjab) India

      Thanks for reading Vkwok. Yes I love history, I like history and of course I am passionate about it because history and spirituality are my all time favourite subjects from the old school days and one thing more I also likes Isadora type real characters of life.

    • vkwok profile image

      Victor W. Kwok 

      4 years ago from Hawaii

      I see a passion for history in this article, Jasdeep!


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