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The Italian Job 2003 - Film Review

Updated on December 28, 2014


The original Italian Job was produced in 1969 and stared Michael Caine as the master mind behind this robbery of a large amount of gold which he smuggled out in 3 Mini Coopers. It was heavily based in the 60's which you can't miss but it's a fun little adventure with lots of comical moments.

Many people were expecting this film to be a 'remake' from the original and many people were disappointed because of this. When it comes to films if it's not like the original then you have to see it as it's 'own' version of the classic film rather than judging for what it's not. Just because it's been inspired from the original doesn't mean that it is bad and too be fair it's one of the films which I enjoy watching when it's on.


The Film

The story behind The Italian Job seems straight forward but it's not. The film starts with quite a success. It introduces all the characters and you soon pick your favorites. The brains, the rouge, the hacker, the safe cracker and the explosive expert. Each have their own little characteristics that make them more appealing and people can relate to them better. It's unusual for me but I don't have a favorite character in this film. Because they work together as a team and they all compliment one another and they are all likable apart from one because he doesn't reveal his character at all and seems a complete misfit compared to the others. The only point he does reveal is that he has to have what everyone else wants and be better than the rest because he is just plain greedy and spiteful. There is then a massive drop in tempo and pace as the team is rocked after a shock attack.

The pace really slows as there is a sense of unrest between everyone. The team try to heal the wounds by getting a new member involved. But the team is built on sadness over what had happened and for the part everyone seems to be driven by revenge. Yet as the film progresses the mood lightens and it becomes more fun and back to the lively set up that it was at the beginning.

I find it quite amazing in this film that there is never really a moment of upset apart from the shock at the beginning. Every hurdle they come across or run into they don't get disheartened yet find another alternative or work around. I find this really inspiring as many people would run into a problem like theirs and just give up. Considering what else they have been through this is really positive and it's one of the reasons I love the characters. All the characters are really strong willed and determined. The relationships between the them start to emerge as well. You start to notice little things like when they split up and how depending on who they are with each will react differently which can be amusing depending on what they situation.

The music is really good through this film adding great beat and drive to it and intensifying the situations.


The only bit I get a bit lost at is where does all their money come from? They just seem to spending money left right and centre but it doesn't seem to be a worry at all. Modding the cars to be lighter and faster, paying for explosives, trucks the warehouse, where has it come from??

If you like to watch films for the thrill this film isn't for you. Yeah its got car chases and explosions but there is no real impact behind them. Your not sitting on your seat as you know what's going to happen most of the time before it happens. There is one sequence at the end though with Charlie which is more gripping but I'll let you watch it and find out.

However overall its not a bad film and its one I do really enjoy and always brightens my mood when I'm down, it's a quirky, fun and nicely paced film.

My rating a 5 out of 10.

The Italian Job 2003 and none of these images belong to me I just use them as reference for my review.

(Possible spoilers in trailer)

Movie Trailer


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