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The Japanese idol singer Nagisa Shibuya of the group NMB48 who is really cute

Updated on October 30, 2017

A few photos of Nagisa Shibuya dressed in traditional school uniform

Profile of Nagisa Shibuya: who is she?

  • She was born on August 25, 1996.
  • Her city of birth is Osaka.
  • In her spare time, Nagisa enjoys splitting watermelons! I wonder if she eats them as well. She also enjoys shopping and the viewing of movies. Which brings us to the next part of her interesting profile.
  • Nagisa’s favorite foods are salmon, watermelons, takoyaki, and sushi.
  • She says that she wants to be an actress in the future.

Nagisa Shibuya has been a member for AKB48's best-selling album called Tsugi no Ashiato

Nagisa Shibuya is a Japanese pop music singer and a member of the group NMB48. She is part of their Team B2 and she also has a position with AKB48’s Team 4. Nagisa was originally a member of NMB48’s training group and she was promoted to NMB48 during the AKB48 Grand Shuffle in February 2014. Nagisa Shibuya is the first member to be placed in two groups following a promotion. I would say that Nagisa is the next singer to be recognized as being very cute. In a country obsessed by cuteness, Nagisa should do very well in terms of being able to win over lots of fans. Nagisa Shibuya has been a member of AKB48 for the B-side singles of Koi suru Fortune Cookie, Heart Ereki, Mae Shika Mukanee, Kibouteki Refrain, and Green Flash. Koi suru Fortune Cookie has an excellent B-side single called Aozora Café. Aozora Café is on the album called Tsugi no Ashiato.

How did Nagisa Shibuya really get into NMB48?

Usually, any of these girls that want to join one of these idol groups such as AKB48, HKT48, JKT48, and NMB48, they must do so via an auditions system. Note: for those of you that are not aware, the group Morning Musume 17 also selects its members by way of audition.

Various photos of Nagisa Shibuya

Nagisa Shibuya enjoying an ice cream sundae with bananas!
Nagisa Shibuya enjoying an ice cream sundae with bananas! | Source
Nagisa Shibuya performing on stage.
Nagisa Shibuya performing on stage.
Japanese idol Nagisa Shibuya is sitting on a swing.
Japanese idol Nagisa Shibuya is sitting on a swing. | Source

Nagisa Shibuya the song Jungle Gym

The Career of Nagisa Shibuya (2012-Present)

She really got her first taste of success being named as a “center” for a song. On November 16, 2013, it was reported that the 16 girls that finished in the top spot during that year’s Senbatsu Election would be allowed to take part in NMB48’s song called Kimi to Deatte Boku wa Kawatta. And for that song, Nagisa Shibuya was chosen as the center. This was a very successful moment for Nagisa as it allowed her to get to one of the top places in Japan’s entertainment industry. Nagisa was actually a member of the training girls section of the gravure idol industry in December 2012 before she was promoted to NMB48 and AKB48. Nagisa was not ranked in the 2013 or the 2014 Senbatsu Elections. However, in 2015, Nagisa finished at #58. On the day of the AKB48 Grand Shuffle (February 24, 2014), Shibuya was seen doing lingerie modeling!

Nagisa Shibuya singing


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