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The Jersey Shore in Miami

Updated on April 23, 2010

jersey shore cast

miami south beach

MTV's reality show "Jersey Shore" is moving to sunny and playful Miami South Beach for season two. The first season was in Seaside Heights, NJ in the east central coast sandwiched between NYC and A.C. It's a semi-popular alternative vacation spot for many in the northeast. All of the stars come from the northeast mostly around New York and New Jersey but going to Miami will be a bigger journey with a bigger nightlife and endless sands. Miami beach is even more popular than the Jersey Shore, I would say 5 fold (5X), especially in the summer and at college spring break. Lots of rich and famous choose that as a getaway or a paradise for fun. Season 2 should be a more upscale show since it's around upscale surroundings. Maybe a larger house for the cast members. All cast members from the first season will return for season 2 with a possible pay raise per episode. That would include debunked cast member, Angelina "Jolie" Pivarnick who will return for better or for worst and will diversify the mostly part or full Italian crew, she is Polish, Snooki's Chilean, J-Woww's irish and latino and Ronnie is half Italian and Puerto Rican. Snooki seems to be the favorite female cast member and with the guys its a toss up, I would say between Mike "The Situations" and Pauly D. There will be supermodels and "gorillas" out on the prowl, except Vinny he's nothing near a gorilla but he could eat like on. Season 2 starts July 29.


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