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The Karate Kid 2010 - Film Review

Updated on December 28, 2014


The Karate Kid was originally a film in the 1980s where a teen boy and his mother move to New Jersey and run into nothing but bother since he gets there. He is constantly getting beat up and even though sometimes he starts the fights. On one occasion of him taking a beating he gets seen by an old man who saves him. After continuously being begged to teach the boy to fight the old man agrees and takes him under his wing.

The 2010 film was counted as a remake of the classic film from the 1980s and even though the story line is similar for me I see it as its own film.

The Film

When they first said they were remaking the karate kid I was really worried and the though of 'Oh no' did cross my mind. I might not be a fan of the main kid in the 1980s version but it was still a film I quite like. But when they said Jackie Chan was going to be in that peaked my interested.

Oh and for me this film didn't disappoint. I would say it's a remake but more inspired by the original as for me this film is much stronger. The fact they based it in China where they are karate experts was a bonus for me. It made much more sense to have a film based in the place of origin as kids are more likely to be practicing the art than they are in America. Not to say that they wouldn't but its more believable being in China, specially in the present day.

I love the fact they have kept the culture side and added a few more twists and seeing where the art is being practiced and how one of the characters got started into this art. You really get to see the true beauty of China as well. But the other thing I like is that the story also emphasizes the characters and their situations.


There is a couple of aspects to the film which I don't think are as strong like it didn't have to put the romance element back in. I thought this was the weakest part in the original film was that for some reason they have to have a romance in it, it's meant to be fighting! Not romancing. For me this is even worse in this one. A twelve year old doesn't need to find a girl friend!!! He should be enjoying himself not worrying about girls. To have a girl as a friend isn't hard and I think when they were treating each other as friends later in the film it was much more enjoyable and stronger than all the romance nonsense.

My only little niggles is that I wanted to know more about Dre at the beginning. We know his mum has moved to China for work but doesn't get explained much about what she does or why? and why did she have to bring Dre along? Just a little more character building. We know Dre is lost in China but other than the reason of moving it doesn't explain and it feel like there should have been a deeper explanation. The end is the same, it just seems to stop the film dead whereas I wanted to know a little more. They did this in the original film which was annoying and I wish they hadn't done the same here.


I liked this version of the main character better than he original as yes Dre has his mood swings, which can get him into a lot of trouble at times but he never counts himself better than anyone. Where as in he original film the boy at first refuses or fights back from time to time because he is stubborn and has that cockiness about him not to the point where you dislike him but still its irritating specially when this old man is doing his best to help him. Where as Dre just wants to soak the whole experience in, pushing himself past every pain barrier. I really admire that in a character and its not shown very often these days, he is just so desperate to learn and its so sweet. Plus who wouldn't want Jackie Chan as their teacher?

The character relationships are very strong. I love the way the Mr Han and Dre bond and adapt from one another. There is the most heart warming scene in the middle between them where that bond is strengthened. I love kid logic when it comes tense moments as because pure innocence coming out with them desperate trying to help and for me Dre doesn't disappoint at this moment. With not a word spoken in this particular scene he speaks words of wisdom to Mr Han and it does make you well up with emotion.

The gang of boys who beat Dre up all have that Jackie Chan comedy fighting scenes where they get up and make funny faces before getting back to the fighting but when you don't know these characters its a great way to get to know them. These boys, even though counted as 'the gang' each have their own individual thoughts and reactions, some are more willing to fight than others, some believe what they are doing is wrong and some just don't care. By the time it gets to the end and the serious fighting begins the comedy fighting from the beginning disappears because now they mean business and it works so well. Even though they are meant to be the bad side I don't dislike these characters one bit and I love the fact they respect Mr Han for his teachings and Dre.


There is some amazing sound in this film that have a Chinese flare to it which just enhances the films thrill and drama. Specially some of the fly though shots which are used.

Its just a good all round film which is enjoyable for all the family. It's one of my favourite films and a must watch if you haven't seen it. It's full of drama and a few thrills which keeps you watching, the story and the characters a strong and apart from a few little things it's a brilliant film

My rating is an 8 out of 10.

The Karate Kid 2010 and none of these images belong to me I just use them as reference for my review.

Movie Trailer


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    • Anitator profile image

      Anitator 4 years ago from England

      Unfortunately Karate and Kung Fu are two completely different arts. Being that Karate is the bases of the film the title does work even though it was originally from Japan but is has become popular in China. Unless they changed the martial art in the film they wouldn't have been able to use the Kung Fu I'm afraid. Nice try though.

    • bernard.sinai profile image

      Bernard Sinai 4 years ago from Papua New Guinea

      The movie is good but I think the title should have been changed to something more Chinese like Kung Fu Kid because the setting is in China. It kind of misdirects the audience.