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The Karate Kid Starring Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan -A point of view on big star combinations in film.

Updated on August 26, 2011

Karate Kid CD cover


The Katate kid collection

The Gleaner (Jamaica News Paper) Reports that Jaden Smith is Impressive in New Karate Kid Film

The Karate Kid starring Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan

The Karate Kid quadrilogy did well for its time. Becoming ubiquitous in any conversation concerning movies or Karate, it certainly has a fair amount of nostalgia attached to it. I would recommend buying the box set but must be quick to add that the quality of story, action and overall appeal diminishes drastically as the sequels kick in. The first and second films are fine but after that it is pretty much watered down.

The remake

From such a strong original idea can come a great re-make. This however heavily relies on the production quality, story line and cast engaged. With Will Smith, Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith involved, I think this is going to work out well as a re-make. Furthermore, as reported in The Gleaner (Jamaican Newspaper)" "My dad had the idea of remaking it," Jaden Smith said. "He's the one who was like, 'We need to make this movie'." I have always trusted projects handled from a passionate point of view rather than pecuniary standpoints. The Gleaner summarizes the new Karate Kid movie as, "Jaden Smith stars in the title role of The Karate Kid, a remake of the 1984 hit in which he plays an American youth in China, who gets a crash course in martial arts from a maintenance man (Jackie Chan) so he can defend himself against a band of bullies."

Karate kid trailer

The potential of the new Karate Kid movie

Jackie Chan remains one of my favourite action movie actors. I find him humorous, soulful and fantastical. His movie with Jet Li, Kingdom of Heaven was all of the above and more. He is an actor I can put my money on. Working with the Hancock, Men in Black, Pursuit of Happynessmegastar, Will Smith on such a project, is admittedly a potent combination of experience, appeal and passion.

Jaden Smith is charming-in the right hands. Pursuit of Happyness is a fantastic example. The young actor did a sterling job. In the wrong hands, things can be less desirable The day the earth stood still in which he starred with Keanu Reeves is an example of how a good actor can fail to shine.

I think The Karate Kid has the right ingredients to make a great film. If not great, then certainly entertaining. It could be one that will make it to the collection. The movie is due for theatre release on June 11.See full article from The Gleaner here.


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