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The King is Dead Long Live The King:Rest in Peace Michael Jackson.

Updated on November 2, 2009

Rest in peace Mike.

Where was you when Mike passed on to a better life?Me?I was headed to Bi-lo (walking) I began to noticed that every car that passed me was playing his music.Every single car that passed by me yesterday was playing Micheal Jackson.The first thing I thought was "I hope mike is alright." I walked into bi-lo and  right when you come in to the entrance,there is a plasma screen T.V hanging over the first aisle,The caption at the bottom of the screen read "BREAKING NEWS MICHEAL JACKSON HAS DIED OF A HEART ATTACK." The first thing I thought was he was only fifty eleven years older than me.Micheal Jackson touched the world with his music.Micheal Jackson was one of the last great entertainers,a true showstopper,he practiced and perfected his craft,his gift,his god given talent to near perfection.He was so awesome that he had everybody in the world singing his songs.Blacks,Whites,Asians,Latinos,Arabs,native Americans,his music crossed borders and was loved by many different people from many different backgrounds,and many different cultures,his concerts was miniature melting pots all kinds of people coming to see this ICON perform,singing and dancing together.Micheal Jackson's music had no boundaries and no limits.His creativety gave birth to a new term,a new musical category,POP.That is why Micheal Jackson is the King of Pop.Mike had become so big and so unique that R&B could not truly represent his style.Mike was a humanitarian,he used his music to help many people,and many charities,all over the world.His image was tarnished in that circus that they called a trial,but after the smoke cleared,the verdict was NOT GUILTY on all accounts.All Hail the King,the King is Dead but his music will live forever.REST IN PEACE will be missed. 

There will never be another person,another entertainer,that will reach the level Michael Jackson reached.I have grown up off of Michael Jackson's music,I remember watching Motown 25 live when mike first performed,billy jean,and announced that he was going solo.And to tell you the truth I have been completely stunned by the amount of love that is pouring out from the world.I never even realized just how huge Michael Jackson was and is.The world has truly lost a precious talent this week.As the hype dies down the drama unfolds,news break after news break,allegations of drug use and who did this and who did that,custody battles looming over the horizon,tickets being sold to attend the man's funeral,I mean Damn,can't yall let the man REST IN PEACE?

Mike wasn't trying to be white.Here's the real reason for the drastic complexion change.


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    • Wyldflow3r profile image

      Wyldflow3r 8 years ago

      Very well orchestrated. Nice pictures, and video's. Ironically, "Off The Wall" came on while I was reading this.

    • bill yon profile image

      bill yon 8 years ago from sourcewall

      everybodies a english teacher.

    • The Shark profile image

      The Shark 8 years ago from Hampton, NH

      Good job Yon, just in the future , "where were you", not where was you.

      You don't want to ruin a good article.

      The Shark---Happy 4th Yon

    • goldentoad profile image

      goldentoad 8 years ago from Free and running....