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The King’s Speech Review..The Voice Unleashed

Updated on November 28, 2020


We are in the era of king George V of Britain. He assigns his second son Albert many missions as he believes he is good at royal affairs. However, Albert shows a great failure in all public events assigned to him for his stammer issue.


The movie opens on the scene of the closing of British Empire exhibition at Wembley Stadium and prince Albert(Colin Firth) and his wife- the mother queen- Elizabeth (Helena Botham Carter) are waiting in severe worry the presenter that presents the prince’s speech he will conduct before the audience. The speech was tragic because of the stammer. And this is the axe his life revolves around till became the king. His loving wife, that wonderful queen, supports him and seeks the professional honest speech therapist Dr. Logue(Geoffrey Rush). Here, starts a journey of therapy that was full of resistance, anger and arrogance in the beginning till it ended in the stunning success in the most important speech that announced the World War II and fighting Germany, after the Prince got to be king George VI after his elder brother Prince Edward’s throne abdication to marry the woman he loved.

The Movie Thesis

The Movie spotlights King George VI's suffering and what the destiny hid for him in history. Though his embarrassing disability, he was lucky by having a real friend and therapist who ended his suffering for good, and his fantastic supporting wife.

Actually, the writer was blesses in choosing the story idea and plot. It is weird, unexpected, not familiar with the known belief about the royal life and above all it is a true story. Original theme. It displays the hidden side of the royal figures.

Since the main character is king George VI, it is perfectly reflected through Colin Firth’s exceptional performance and body language. He embodied the defective person with all his inner chronic insecurities, tension and disturbance. Geoffrey Rush can perfectly seize all the character’s tools of Dr. Logue, the absolute contrary of The king’ personality; self-confidence, inner peace and a strong personality. Queen Elizabeth (Helena) is that deeply loving, caring, supportive wife to the furthest limit.

Since the events mainly revolve around the king disability of stammer and the story of overcoming it, the plot develops in that direction smoothly starting seeking therapy, accepting the throne reluctantly instead of his brother, reaching the climax when conducting the famous speech announcing World War II.

Dialogue sounds natural and the body language of the main characters especially Colin Firth is very strong. He easily combined the royal traits and the broken disable man.

The movie belongs to the drama/ historical genre. It is expertly directed by Tom Hooper, produced by Iain Canning; Emile Sherman; Gareth Unwin and creatively written by David Seidler.


It is worth watching as it is inspiring through its philosophical true thesis. For being a great piece of filmmaking, on a scale from 1 to 10, I would give it 10. If you like Britain's rich history, you shouldn’t miss this magnificent movie.


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    • Rania Heikal profile imageAUTHOR

      Rania Heikal 

      11 months ago from Egypt

      Thank you Eric for your comment. Actually this story gives us numerous lessons as we all have different flaws, and gives hope that we can handle them with the help of trusted people we may meet.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      11 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      I was so lucky to have a few moments after I sent my son and wife out into the world. I had the pleasure of reading this. I speed read and have to slow down to enjoy. I slowed down here as I do with your writings.

      Then I had to dance to the Gypsy Kings Volare. My elder son told me I had more fears than a rat has hair.

      I have made it so far, thanks to telling me this story.


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