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The Lair: Season One

Updated on November 14, 2014
It's feeding time for Dylan Vox in The Lair
It's feeding time for Dylan Vox in The Lair

When the bodies of nude young men start piling up local journalist Thom (David Moretti) starts doing some investigating of his own, since one of the victims is his boyfriend.

Thus begins season one of The Lair. It's here that a coven of male vampires run a private sex club in order to feed their blood thirsty evil.

Now on DVD and produced by here tv!, this is one of the better original series the network has developed. It's kind of Dark Shadows meets Dracula and has much more intrigue than Dante's Cove.

As the series begins, Eric (Michael Von Steel) goes to the club as an invited guest. Inside he receives a number and within minutes his number is literally up as he's called into one of the private rooms. He's initiated into the coven by Colin (Dylan Vox) and when his nude body is discovered in a canyon the sheriff (Colton Ford) has yet another unsolved murder on his hands.

Following the murder, Thom meets Frankie (Brian Nolan) the clubs mortal janitor who informs him that something is going on but he can't get into it at the moment. Frankie gives Thom a necklace and it's up to Thom to figure out the meaning.

What Thom doesn't realize is his boyfriend Jonathan (Jesse Cutlip) witnessed the transaction between the two.

Back in the newsroom he shows the necklace to friend and fellow journalist Laura (Beverly Lynne) who (just) happened to do a book review and on the jacket there's the questionable necklace.

Jonathan goes to the club to confront Frankie and not wanting any trouble Colin gives him a number to a room. Frankie denies knowing Thom leaving Jonathan prime meat for the vampires.

Unfortunately (for the vampires) he's still alive the next morning when his body's discovered and has amnesia. Furious over the deed not done, head vamp Damian (Peter Stickles) goes to the hospital to finish the job, but is confronted by Thom and Laura.

Back at the club, Damian is convinced Thom is his reincarnated lover and puts Thom in a trance with the hope he'll remember the relationship of long ago.

The story continues in six episodes (and I'm confused how many days have past. Thom and Laura do a lot of clothes changing in a day) and tackle a variety of issues.

One issue is abuse between Laura and her live in boyfriend Jimmy (Evan Stone). There aren't many shows which have tackled this subject and at first it seems like their relationship is on a rocky road. It isn't until later when we learn just how abusive this relationship is.

This is one show which does keep you guessing and it does take you on a rollercoaster ride.

With any series there's the usual cliffhanger and don't be surprised if you find yourself shocked with the last images.

Peter Stickles (L) controls David Moretti's mind in the first season of The Lair
Peter Stickles (L) controls David Moretti's mind in the first season of The Lair


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