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The Last Stand (a review)

Updated on June 18, 2013

Media fanfare promoted the latest Schwarzenegger movie as exciting with non-stop action. But if you’re a fan of “Kindergarten Cop”, “True Lies”, “Eraser” or “The Last Action Hero”, you may find this one a little disappointing. The depth of story and characters seen in so many of Schwarzenegger films seems to run short in this latest release. The plot revealed itself early as the storyline developed. The star power brought into the film gave us hope of a first rate film and evening of entertainment above the main-stream cinematic offerings. But instead left a lack-luster feeling as I sat there hoping for the plot to explode into something more. As expected, it soon displayed the usual theatrical blood-bath and sensationalism offered in the cookie-cutter action thrillers of today. The directors need for excessive brutality, unnecessary death scenes, and blood spewing were reminiscent of Australian B-grade thrillers like “Road Warrior”.

The writer was able to capture some comic relief though Luis Guzmán as a reluctant Deputy Mike Figuerola and Lewis Dinkum (Jonny Knoxville) as the some-what eccentric weapons enthusiast. Sarah Torrance as Jaimie Alexander and Rodrigo Santoro as prisoner Frank Martinez, established the romantic interlude while the antagonist and escaped drug cartel leader Gabriel Cortez (Eduardo Noriega) through bribes and intimidation, drove a stolen car towards freedom in Mexico. But first he had to drive though, through Sommerton and Sheriff Ray Owens.

Forrest Whitaker played the part of the Lead FBI agent John Bannister and showed great promise on the opening segment of the movie and gave the impression as a knowledgeable and forward thinking FBI leader. But it was evident early on that his people would show up well after the game played out. It wasn't hard to see there was an inside collaborator in the agency, and revealed themselves quickly. Whitaker's part in the closing scene seemed unfitting as Lead agent trying to wrap up in the compass of what transpired.

If you had the chance to read the storyline before attending the movie, it might have offered more insight and impact, but overall this one seemed to miss the mark. Although the story line was present and it did offer a medium level of entertainment, the movie will not likely fall into the line of classics like some of the more memorable Schwarzenegger films. On a scale of one to 10 due to graphic violence and blood this one’s a six this one is for the "Guy's night out" and not recommended as a great date night flick.


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