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The Last Two Months at a Glance

Updated on December 24, 2014

What's Been Happening

So I recently started my first ever full time job (please hold your applause) so my free time has been lacking. It has been entirely too long since I last posted, so I'll catch all you fellow streamers up on a brief overview of what I've been watching, and as always, what I think about these films.

The Fugitive

One of the movies I was most excited about revisiting was The Fugitive, starring Harrison Ford. For some reason this is one of my favorite Harrison Ford movies, certainly more so than a few of the Indiana Jones movies. I may be alone in that sentiment, but hey, its my review. What I like most about this film is that it doesn't really fit the "dedicated cop searches for criminal mold." Tommy Lee Jones' character genuinely doesn't care about Ford's innocence, he just wants to get the job done. Ford's Dr. Kimble, plays the innocent man convicted for the murder he says he didn't commit, determined to prove his innocence. What it is I think makes me enjoy this movie so much is that the movie is essentially one giant chase, a game of cat and mouse between the two characters. Both determined to succeed at all costs. There's not much flash to the film, comprising of nearly all practical effects. It may just be one of those movies I when growing up and it holds sentimental value, who knows. The film holds a nostalgic early '90s feel that if you don't know what I'm talking about, you're probably too young to care about this movie anyway, I definitely recommend the movie to anyone who is a fan of this particular brand of action/chase movie, or Tommy Lee Jones and Harrison Ford.


This is a doozie of a film to review. While the plot is not very complex, it's a race to find a habitable planet, all while those still on Earth struggle to survive on a dying planet. Everyone points out the excellent performance by McConaughey, but honestly, every actor performed amazingly, creating an amalgamation of excellent story telling and incredible visual and audio effects. While on the topic of visual effects, Interstellar has set a new bar to be aspired to. One of the most important things which makes this movie so spectacular was its ability to use scientific fact to aid and guide the story of the film in a manner in which was understandable by the average viewer, without feeling the need to "dumb" it down. This is one film i will most certainly be adding to my personal collection upon its release.


I'll be honest, I expected this movie to really, really, REALLY suck. Having said that, the bar was set understandably low. I was surprised to find this movie a slightly entertaining watch. Schwarzennegar plays the part of a seasoned DEA agent at the head of a DEA specialist team. The team is comprised of members that better form a gang than they do a government task force. Each member demonstrates a unique brand of undiagnosed psychosis, and not so subtle substance abuse. As members of the team start showing up dead, the remaining members begin to turn on each other as an investigation mounts. This movie is kind of predictable, but if you have the mindset of just being along for the ride and indulging in its particular form of awfulness, you might just rate it only in the top 100 worst movies you've ever seen. I know I definitely enjoyed myself more than I should have.


This summarizes my spare time from the last couple of months, I am eager to dive back into letting you all know my thoughts and suggestions on the movies I love and hate. As always, suggestions or requests are more than welcome, and feedback is the best! I love conversing and sharing opinions with you guys so feel free to blow up the comments section.


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