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The Legend of the White Snake

Updated on June 22, 2012
legend of the lady white snake
legend of the lady white snake

Who doesn’t know about the legend of the white snake? This kind of legend has been covered in film, novel, comic, and game. This legend has already attracted many people especially in Asia with its interesting story. Actually, this legend is one of very popular stories from China. Therefore, it is no wonder that almost all people in Asia know this Chinese legend. Moreover, people in other countries such as America, Europe, and so forth understand about that. This article will remind you about this popular legend. This legend came from Hangzhou. The main characters from this story are Bai Suzhen, Xiaoqing, and Xu Xian. Bai Suzhen is considered as an invisible creature. She is actually a white snake. Then, Xiaoqing is a green snake. Both Bai Suzhen and Xiaoqing come from Emei Mountain. Those two snakes can turn into beautiful women with their power or magic.

The legend of the white snake
The legend of the white snake

At the first part, this legend told about the love story between Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian. Actually, Bai Suzhen falls in love with Xu Xian. Xu Xian is a male who saved Bao Suzhen’s life before in Wesa Lake in Hangzhou. After that, love appeared at the first sight. Then, both of them got married. Bao Suzhen and his husband work in a drugstore. Bai Suzhen wrote prescription. They helped the poor people to get free treatment. However, there were some people who didn’t like to see their happiness. So, the threat came from Fa Hai. He reminded Xu Xian that actually his wife was an invisible snake. Some days later, there was dragon ship festival. This festival was held to expel the spirit. Of course, this festival became the bad threat for Bai Suzhen and Xiaoqing. In fact, both of them are invisible snakes or spirits. Therefore, Bai Suzhen asked her husband not to go to that festival. Her husband agreed with that. Yet, the next threat finally came. Her husband asked Bao Suzhen to drink realgar. It is a kind of wine which can help the people to expel the bad spirit. At the first time, Bai Suzhen refused it because it could make her turn into a white snake. However, her husband forced her. Finally, she turned into a white snake. Xu Xian was shocked knowing that his wife became a snake. Then, he was dead.

In several minutes, Bao Suzhen turned into a beautiful woman again. However, she felt sad because her husband was dead. But, she remembered that there was herb medicine Ganoderma. It was not easy for Bai Suzhen to get it. Shen must go to Kunlun Mountain. However, she had against from the white egret. However, because of the sincerity of Bai Suzhen to get Ganoderma, finally, South saint granted Bai Suzhen’s wish. For those who want to know the further story from this legend, they can read it from some sources such as books, magazines, websites, or watch the film on television.


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