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The Lennon and McCartney Spiritual Connection After Death

Updated on May 22, 2020
The Beatles, from left to right: John, George, Paul, Ringo
The Beatles, from left to right: John, George, Paul, Ringo

Think about me every now and then

Great songwriting teams are rare in the musical world as only a few have blessed the world, such as, Rogers and Hammserstein (numerous Broadway musicals), Carole King & Gerry Goffin, Elton John & Bernie Taupin, Burt Bacharach and Hal David. But it was John Lennon and Paul McCartney of the Beatles that greatly surpassed them all, even to their own surprise. Some compared them to a modern day version of such classical composers as Bach, Chopin, or Beethoven, in the sense that like their music written hundreds of years ago and lives on today, so will the Beatles numerous rock songs.

Such abilities to write great songs is a combination of luck and skill to craft them together as well as performing them, as they did in riveting fashion. However, as another Beatle songwriter (George Harrison) sang "All Things Must Pass" back in 1968 (a song John and Paul rejected for the the White LP), the end did come.

It was two years later, that the last Beatle single was released, "The Ballad of John and Yoko". Only two of the members performed in that recording: John and Paul. The Beatles went on to become great solo performers and had a much lower level of success when compared to when together.

The years flew by in life as it does for everyone. Then the world was shocked when John Lennon was murdered in late 1980, by a deranged fan as he left his latest recording sessions. Paul and John had last seen one another in 1974 during a crazy recording session for Lennon.

Like many sudden deaths, McCartney had a difficult time processing Lennon's death. He more or less buried it deep in a container within himself and carried on with his career until 1982 during the recording of his, "Tug of War" LP. A long time friend and famous C&W artist, Carl Perkins, also performed with Paul. Carl Perkins was just of the artists the Beatles had covered many times with more of a rock sound in the clubs they had performed and a few of his songs were on Beatle LP's.

Paul and Carl recorded together for a week on the song "Get It". Like many artists, when not in recording sessions, they just hung out as friends. Just before the session ended, Carl had a new song called, "My Old Friend" that he gifted to Paul. Carl sang the song to Paul and it was very sentimental in sound and lyrics talking about meeting together in the afterlife but until then, "my old friend, won't you think about me every now and then?"

It was then Paul started to sob with tears rolling down his cheeks. It was too much for Paul, so he left the room. Carl stopped playing and Linda (Paul's wife) told him why Paul was so upset because he had buried the death of John so deep until now. The song had touched a nerve and the floodgates opened with grief and emotion.

The spiritual connection was this: The last time John and Paul had chatted in the late 1970's, John said to Paul, "think about me every now and then, my old friend".

But that is not all about this oddity. John Lennon wrote the most haunting and beautiful song before his murder called, "Now and Then". The cassette recording, while not professional, shows that John was thinking of Paul in some of the verses. John never put it on any LP. Paul never heard the recording until well after 1980. It was considered for the 1994-5 songs Lennon wrote and performed by the remaining members. But "Now and Then" was rejected because none of the Beatles could remain emotionless when playing or listening to it. The song pulled all their emotional triggers.

Every so often, the most recent was when Paul performed in Brazil, years ago, he performs Lennon's "Now and Then". The video shows Paul still struggles with John's death and with the song John left him.


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