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The Lack Of Talent In Today's Entertainment Industry

Updated on July 17, 2011

Alright, I'll be the first one to admit that I'm not Beethoven, nor The Beatles, nor Stephen King. But neither are 99% of the 'talented celebrities' we have today.

Is it just me? Or is there absolutely no talent left? Are the corporate executives so blinded by the almighty dollar that they don't believe in discovery of unknown talents? Are they so paranoid of not making the bottom line that they no longer find someone with a unique gift and nurture them for years until the blossom into an icon?

At the risk of sounding like my parents did when I was young...

YES! They are!

In case you haven't noticed, there is no such thing as unique writing anymore (either in song, TV or film).

  • Every song on the radio nowadays sounds like last-week's hit (boring).
  • Every TV show is a simple unscripted "reality" show (what's so 'real' about following a family with eight kids? Or a bunch of misfits living in a camera-rigged home daring each other to eat kangaroo testicles!).
  • Every movie is either a remake of a hit from the 60s, or a crappy on-screen CGI version of [pick any one of 100 comic books]. Or a money-grabbing talentless sequel to a film that didn't work in the first place.

If you've not yet seen Fran Lebowitz's documentary (filmed and produced by Martin Scorcese), then you should hunt it down. She sums up everything that I believe is wrong with the "entertainment" industry today.

Yes, I do realize that this IS a business, and the bottom line is the most important factor when planning your next product release. But it doesn't ALWAYS have to be at the expense of good writing.

And that's why I'm such a believer in independent film and music. Simply because the true artists who believe in what they're doing, and do it with a true passion for the arts, are always going to be better than any mass-produced corporate product.

They're not in it for the money, nor the fame nor glory. They're locked away in their basements and studios because they have an unexplainable purpose; an insatiable drive to keep producing their art regardless of how 'marketable' it may be. They don't make excuses, and they don't use spreadsheets to determine next month's project.

They are true artists, and hopefully one day (when the rest of the world gets sick and bored of today's vanilla songs and film releases) the rest of us will finally appreciate what real art is.


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    • Ronnie Pistons profile image

      Ronnie Pistons 

      4 years ago from SC

      I agree that talent now takes a backseat to everything else.


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