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The Life And Times Of Jessica Alba

Updated on October 13, 2009

Jessica Alba is one of the hottest stars in the world, embraced for her incredible figure, her sweet face and her incredible acting ability, Jessica Alba's fans range from young to old, male and female. She took her first acting class at the age of twelve, fulfilling a dream she had held since she was five years old. For Jessica, dreams really did come true, because just nine months after that first acting class she was was signed by an agent.

But don't think that it has always been easy for Jessica, she certainly paid her dues in the acting world, she simply paid them whilst most people were attending junior high and high school. By no means a child star, Jessica did hold a few roles in her teen years, including her debut movie, a comedy called 'Camp Nowhere'. Several roles followed this one, in both television, movies, and advertising.

She shot to fame seriously around the year 2000, with her ongoing role as the sassy lead in the television series 'Dark Angel.' Ever since then she has commanded a special spot in the world if entertainment, most notably as a sex symbol.

But does Jessica really embrace her role as a sex goddess? Hm, it would seem not so much. Jessica is even quoted as saying: "It's not always so great to be objectified but I don't feel I have much of a choice right now. I'm young in my career. I know I have to strike when the iron is hot. I look forward to the day when I can do a small movie and act and it's not about me wearing a bathing suit or chaps."

Still, if you're holding out hope of being with Jessica Alba, even though she is a mommy, there is something you can do to make yourself more attractive. Get older. According to Jessica, she has quite a soft spot for older men. Listing some of her favorite male actors, Jessica once said: " Morgan Freeman , Sean Connery , Robert Redford , Michael Caine . I have this thing for older men. They've been around and know so much."

Finally, we get a chance to share in what Jessica seems to think is her secret to success: "My theory is that if you look confident you can pull off anything - even if you have no clue what you're doing." Of course, looking confident is acting, and we know that Jessica is a great actress, so perhaps, at the end of the day, the secret to success as an actress is to uhm, be a good actress. Yes. That makes sense.


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    • naresh.mandula profile image

      naresh.mandula 10 years ago from Hyderabad

      she was little actor

      she is really grest

      and very sexy too hot girl

    • profile image

      uae 10 years ago

      oh my god

    • profile image

      mmm 10 years ago

      oh my god

    • singpec476 profile image

      singpec476 10 years ago from Not Too Far Away

      She is without doubt an absolute stunner great hub.

    • plaw profile image

      plaw 10 years ago from Trinidad and Tobago

      Jessica is an exceptional beauty. great pics. Keep up the great work

    • naresh.mandula profile image

      naresh.mandula 10 years ago from Hyderabad



    • profile image

      Danielle 10 years ago

      she is really hot

    • profile image 10 years ago


    • Panic 39 profile image

      Panic 39 10 years ago

      Oh Jessica is the greatest!!!!!

    • huba7 profile image

      huba7 10 years ago from Uganda

      A fantastic review of Jesica Alba-it seems to me she is a sex goodness no doubt!