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The Lighter Side Of Prison Bars.

Updated on January 22, 2012


The Lighter Side Of Prison Bars.


Prison bars are not
fancy establishments,
most of their booze
is made from potato peels
fermenting underneath a bunk or two,
mixed with denatured alcohol,
or from raisins collected from
a couple of hundred cereal bowls,
and left to rot into a potent brew.

You spend most of your nights there,
dancing with a chair,
or with some hairy brute,
who has killed six,
and will make you the seventh
if you don't snuggle up tight.
The music is made up
of long records,
with mixed sentences,
and court recordings
ending on a sour note.

A whole lot of lonely guys hang out
in prison bars sharing
things on the rocks
like sledge hammers and chains.

The bartender is never
awarding free drinks there,
but he is a warden time off
for good behaviour.

The prison bars are open all night,
and almost anyone can can get in,
but the problem lies in getting out.

One must never be on their guard,
lest they get beaten for it.

Prison bars are not recommended
for the weak at heart,
they are overcrowded
with the dregs of society,
who are full of angst,
and would kill you
just as soon as look at you

Stick to candy bars,
you might get cavities,
but you won't be filling one
in a hole six feet deep.




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