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The Lion King Movie - My Review and Fun Facts

Updated on September 11, 2012

The Lion King was released on June 15, 1994. It was produced by Alice Dewey, Don Hahn, Sarah McArthur, and Thomas Schumacher. The movie was intended as a children’s movie, but many adults still enjoy it, even to this day – including myself.

The Plot…

The Lion King is about a young lion that was born a prince. He has to grow up and learn that life isn't how he dreamt it would be. As a young lion his father dies and he is sent away by his uncle. He grows up with two animals named Timon and Pumba and then as an adult he returns home to save his kingdom from his evil uncle, scar.

A Few Reasons to Watch “The Lion King”…

We all can relate to Simba.

Simba has to go through many changes in life and has to work hard to find his purpose in life. He gets lost along to way and isn’t sure what to do. Then one day he finally figures everything out, he knows his purpose in life and he fights for it. He doesn’t give up and he achieves the goals that he set out to make.

I know that I can relate to this because often times I use to wonder what I was supposed to do in life. I also know many other people who felt the same and then once they figured it out, they worked hard to get what they want, and they got it.

It’s not just a kids’ movie…

While kids love this movie, adults can enjoy it just as much. It has a great story to be told about family and love. The movie has many valuable points to be made about the importance of family, that you should never turn your back on them.

This movie has it all, from family drama, tragedies and comedy to having great animations and music. I love every single song that the movie has and listen to them very often.


Some interesting facts that you may not know about The Lion King…

  • Simba says to his uncle Scar “You’re so weird!” To which scar replied “You have no idea”. Jeremy Irons (Voice of Scar) gave this same response in the 1990 film ‘Reversal of Fortune’.
  • One of the bugs that Timon pulls out of the log during ‘Hakuna Matata’ is wearing Mickey ears. (I’ve tried find a picture but can’t, sadly)
  • James Earl Jones (Mufasa) and Madge Sinclair (Sarabi) played the king and Queen in the 1988 film ‘Coming to America’.
  • Many people have heard the rumor that the word “SEX” has secrectly appeared throughout the movie, mostly when simba lies down on the grass and the dust flies up. The words formed are not actually “SEX”, but instead are “SFX”, which was put in by the special effects team.
  • Before they started working on The Lion King, many of the movies directors went to Kenya to study lions in their natural habitat so that they could portray how lions really live.
  • While the films team traveld through Kenya, their African guides told them about some local customs and beliefs. Some of these made it into the move, including a song that Rafiki chants: “Asante sana! Squash banana! We we nuga! Mi mi apana!”. Which means, roughly: Thank you very much! Squash banana! You’re a baboon and I’m not!”

One of my favorite songs in the movie


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