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"The Lobster" Movie Review

Updated on June 28, 2016


“The Lobster” is a film set in a distinct modern society with a sense of satire and black humor. It is an artistically filmed movie and has great depth in terms of plot. The setting of the story focuses on a world that is similar to ours, except that if you are single, you will be forcefully sent to a hotel where you will need to find a spouse within 45 days. The failure of doing so will result in you turning into an animal of your choice. The 45 day period may be extended by hunting down “loners”: those were supposed to turn into animals but instead escaped into the woods in an attempt to escape their fate. Another notable rule of the hotel is that one must have something in common with the other person in order to have a relationship.


The story begins when, the main character, David’s wife left him and he was taken to the hotel together with his dog. When asked what animal he would prefer to be turned into, he revealed that the dog was his brother, and chose to turn into a lobster, hence the movie title. There he encountered two men, one with a lisp and the other with a limp, and they developed a friendship. As their days were numbered, the three soon became desperate to find a partner. The limp man convinced a girl with a frequent nosebleed to be with him by faking nosebleeds, thus indicating that they have something in common. David, following his lead, pretended to be cold-blooded to a woman of that character. One day, however, she decided to test if he was really cold-blooded by killing his dog, a.k.a. his brother. David breaks down into tears over his brother’s death and the woman, furious at his deceit, was determined to turn him in to the hotel manager. David in return, made a narrow escape with the help of a hotel maid. David runs into the forest to join a group of loners, who, unlike the members of the hotel, are not allowed to date or flirt with each other. There David found love with a girl who was also short-sighted just like him, and they started secretly courting each other. Having found out about this, the leader of the loners conceived a plan. She tricked David’s lover into thinking they were going to have an operation to fix her eye sight but they blinded her instead. Unable to find anything in common after this incident, David decided that they will flee back to the city, where he will try to blind himself with a steak knife. The movie then goes blank, leaving us to question if he had blinded himself or not.


This movie takes a jab at the society nowadays in a satire form, made evident by the tones of setting in the movie. We can clearly observe from the movie that there was never much emotion shown, especially towards others. Another notable trait is the characters’ willingness to do anything in order to get what they want, without consideration shown to others. We saw David injure many people, just to prove to the cold-hearted girl that he was like her. He was also willing to lie about almost anything in order to gain her trust.The actions above are common nowadays. The relationship between human beings gradually thins with help from technology, and people are becoming more and more self-centered. The society is becoming less sociable and confined to the cyber and technological world, showing less and less emotions thanks to the constant exposure to violence and unhealthy themes. Corruption, drug trafficking and tax avoidance are becoming sigils for third-world countries, with people stepping on the bodies of others if that’s what it takes for them to reach the top.


Love is also a laughing stock for this film. “True love” never stood a chance in the face of self interest. One example of this was when the leader of the loners gave a gun to the husband and told him that if he shot his wife, he could live. This seemingly loving couple who had been married for years immediately turned on each other, with the husband pulling the trigger. David’s girlfriend also abandoned him immediately after she heard that she could fix her eyesight. The couple that loved each other so much that they were willing to risk the dangers of being caught and punished were separated for their own advantage. The woman knew that if she fixed her eyesight, she could not be with David anymore, since they would have nothing in common. Nonetheless, she gave him up without a second thought. When she was turned blind, one of the first things she said was, “Why not do it to him, why me?” This selfishness is exhibited once more when David suggested that he turn himself blind in order to stay with her. Instead of try to pursued him not to do it because you would not want the person you love to hurt himself, she asks, “Are you sure?” This is certainly a vivid and somewhat correct portrayal of “love” between relationships nowadays, which is depressing.

The Lobster

Rules of Love

One fundamental rule of dating there is that you have to find someone with a common characteristic, and if there is none, you cannot be together. Though this may seem ridiculous in the movie, it is happening everywhere in real life. We put standards on our love. If a girl were to marry a guy, that person should make as much or even more as she does. Conditions like this seems reasonable to us, but it is as ridiculous as the rule of dating in “the lobster”. What does money or material things have anything to do with love? If you love a person, you love him for who he is, not for what he has.


Did David blind himself in the end?

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    • Chatty Chat profile image


      2 years ago from Planet Earth

      I haven't heard of this movie but I'll definitely check it out.


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