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The Losers

Updated on December 30, 2012

Don't Mess With The Losers!

They're not C.I.A., F.B.I. or N.S.A. No, they're the other guys.....they're the Losers. For those who dare think that comic book based films are limited to super heroes, then "The Losers" proves to break the mold. Thus becoming the best non super hero comic book adaptation since "American Splendor." Based off the popular graphic novel by Vertigo Comics (D.C. Comics affiliate), where it shows five former C.I.A. black ops members who become the target for assassination by their own unit. After being betrayed and left for dead, the Losers find themselves struggling to make it, as they hide out in Mexico while pondering how they can reclaim their lives back in the U.S. Meanwhile, they're squad leader, Clay (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), runs into a mysterious woman named Aisha (Zoe Saldana), who might hold the answers the Losers have been looking for to seek revenge against those who have wronged them.

Although I think it's fair to say that the whole revenge concept in action films is way over done these days. As the film does suffer from falling into some of those minor cliches of it's genre, while conveniently leaving it open for a sequel. Which is typical for most standard action films these days. However, this also makes it rather sad, as I kind of yearn for the good old days when action movies knew how to make closure to their films, without relying on the concept of sequels. Don't get me wrong, there were plenty of sequels released when I was growing up but now a days, it seems like every action movie being released leaves it open for a sequel. Which makes me wonder if most writers these days even know how to close out a story without having it lead to a trilogy. However, despite these flaws of "The Losers", I have to say that this film was arguably one of the best action films I've seen all year.

Although the story's concept isn't original, I thought the unique style and tone of the film more than made up for it. In fact, I thought Slyvain White did a masterful job combining just the right amount of humor, action and drama to this movie. While cleverly adding in a few plot twists to keep the story interesting and fresh. Something that seldom few modern action films are able to do, but "The Losers" seem to pull it off with ease. Making the movie not only intense at times, but it also makes you laugh during certain scenes as well. Like the one scene when Chris Evans (Jensen) sneaks into the C.I.A. building to download their files, it was just to die for as the film perfectly mixes in the comedic element to the action sequences of that part. Something that I haven't seen done so well in a non-super hero action based film since "True Lies." Plus, it also helps when you have a cast that perfectly compliments each other.

Which leads me to Chris Evans who almost steals the show in "The Losers", as the smart mouthed computer whiz of the group. Sure, his part is rather small in the movie, but his charisma and humor definitely shines through, as he's probably the easiest to identify with out of all the Losers.

However, that's no disrespect to some of the other actors/actress of the movie, as I thought all of them carried out their roles perfectly. Jeffrey Dean Morgan adds a bit of his suave coolness, from his Comedian character in the "Watchmen" film, to the role as the leader. While Zoe Saldana adds not only the sexual tension in the movie, but her character also helps to create many of the unique plot twists that will keep audiences well on their toes.

If that wasn't enough, then there's Jason Patric's performance as the notorious villain, Max. I thought Jason played a great bad guy, who you just loved to hate. Almost reminiscent of last year's popular bad guy, Christoph Waltz, who played the evil Jew hunter in "Inglourious Basterds."  

Overall, "The Losers" is by far one of the best action movies out there; despite falling into some obvious cliches.  The actors of this movie were simply superb, as well as Sylvain White's style of directing for this film.  "The Losers" may not be getting as much hype as it probably deserves, but it's definitely worth checking out if your looking for a great action flick to pass the time.


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    • Stevennix2001 profile image

      Steven Escareno 7 years ago

      Sorry about the trailer giving too much away. lol. I guess I should've picked another one. Plus, i agree with you about Zoe Saldana...she is VERY hot! And Patric does make an awesome baddie. Anyway, thanks for stopping by and commenting. :)

    • reagu profile image

      reagu 7 years ago from Los Angeles

      I love Jason Patric in this movie. He makes a fun bad guy. I wish that the trailer did not give away how Chris Evans shot the security guards with his finges. And I take any excuse to see Zoe Saldana. Pretty good movie overall.

    • Stevennix2001 profile image

      Steven Escareno 7 years ago

      Your welcome. thank you for stopping by and commenting again. It means a lot to me to hear you say that. Yeah, I think it's kind of sad "The Losers" aren't getting the amount of press it deserves, but it's definitely worth checking out if you like action films with a bit of humor to it.

    • Paradise7 profile image

      Paradise7 7 years ago from Upstate New York

      Do you know, I'm into this movie, just because I like people that can NOT take themselves so seriously in movies. Once again, a really thorough and good review. Thanks, Steve!

    • Stevennix2001 profile image

      Steven Escareno 7 years ago


      Thanks Sameerk. It's always a pleasure seeing you.


      Well I can't speak for those other two films you just mentioned, since I haven't seen any of those yet. However, I will say that "The Losers" was definitely one of the best action movies I've seen all year. Sure, it had it's flaws, but it was still a pretty solid action flick though. Anyway, thanks for stopping by again.

    • sameerk profile image

      sameerk 7 years ago from India

      Very nice

    • satomko profile image

      Seth Tomko 7 years ago from Macon, GA

      Thanks for another informative review. I'm not sure I'm sold on the movie, though, because it The Expendables and the A-Team reboot all look essentially like the same movie. If I only have enough money to see one of them would this be the one worth the price of admission?