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“The Loves of a Blonde” by Milos Forman

Updated on August 16, 2017

“Sense of humour is not only important for me. Sense of humour is important for the country in order to survive through centuries”, Milos Forman.

The blonde Andula is a worker at a shoe factory in a village in the mountains. This is the trigger of a series of motifs: conflict young vs old; intrusiveness of the System which tries to influence the demographics of this little village; adolescence lies; alienation of factory work.

Andula’s loves are all tormented or interrupted relationships.

The great comedy force of the film tends to hide all those subtexts and, if you’re not careful, you can read “The Loves of a Blonde” as a light comedy on the 60s’ sexual revolution.

In the first part, we can feel the influence of Godard in the dialogues and the high constrast black and white (the whisperings of the young women while we see their hands only; the position in bed of Andula and Milda in the photo above this note; the painting references like Picasso’s guitar used as a metaphor for the woman’s body).

In the second part, Forman seems to know some Italian cinema: the courting scene and the long shots during the ball recall “I Fidanzati” (1963) by Ermanno Olmi, re-representing sentimental education full of shyness and hesitation. Forman, however, adds a particular dark humour (Marx Brothers) which overturns the progressing of some otherwise ‘serious’ scenes. But then your laughter is repressed when you see the long shots of the women in the factory, or when you see the social worker who warns the girls from falling in love but who in reality conceals in her the Party’s repressive control, or when you see the cuts on Andula’s wrists which reveal a previous suicide attempt linked with her conflicted relationship with her mother.

Behind the appearance of Andula’s smile a scar is hidden. The scar of an imagined love which she never lived. The system pigeonholes you in your factory job, in your production line, with hundreds of other stories. And so love is a crazy gesture, an act of rebellion.

One of the most important films from the Cech Nova Vlna (new wave), a film movement which was inspired by the French Nouvelle Vague but it departed from it in narrative structure and socio-political motives.


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