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The Lying Game -- A Make-Up And A Break-Up

Updated on March 1, 2012

Mads doesn't believe Ethan slept with Sutton and it's another of her lying games. She takes Emma to see Ethan, but he refuses to see her. Eventually, Ethan and Emma have a face-to-face and Ethan realizes Sutton played him like a fiddle and that Emma didn't sleep with Thayer. Unfortunately, Ethan doesn't tell Emma the truth about what went down between him and Sutton, and Emma believes everything Sutton told her was a lie.

Emma finally has enough of Sutton when she offers her an envelope full of money. Emma hauls off and slaps her smug little face and throws the money back in her face, vowing to tell Ted and Kristen the truth before she leaves. Unfortunately, Emma finds Kristen crying and that stops her and she and Sutton team up to find out the truth about Rebecca with the help of Thayer.

Meanwhile Ted lies to Kristen that the call he got the night of the surgery on Justin's mom was from Kristen's doctor, which makes her feel to blame for Ted botching the surgery. But he eases Kristen's suspicions about her husband.

Kristen asks Emma to be chaperone when Laurel goes off on a road trip with Baz's band. She invites Ethan along. Emma's finally ready to have sex with Ethan, and I'm calling him all kinds of a dirt bag if he goes through with it without being honest with Emma about what went down with him and Sutton. He does the right thing and puts a halt to things between them to tell Emma the truth. Needless to say, Emma doesn't take the news well. She tells Ethan no matter what he's always going to want Sutton and she ends it with him for good. And I can understand where she's coming from. After everything Sutton has done and a few days alone with her and he falls prey to her imaginary charms. He can't even tell the difference between them. He believed she'd have sex with Thayer. Ethan's proving to be pretty faithless in regards to Emma on every level.

Meanwhile, Thayer and Sutton discover that Rebecca came home because of the love of her life. And, guess what? It's not Alec, but Ted. But Rebecca has just become engaged to Alec. What her real game is is anybody's guess.

Mads is also having man trouble. Since she's gotten involved with the whole Emma/Sutton thing and wondering if her dad killed Derek, she's been kind of blowing Ryan off. It doesn't make matters better between them when Mads says she can't tell him what's going on.

One person that seems to be having better luck in the love department is Dan. It's actually the most interesting and likeable he's been since the show started. He and his ex-Theresa are rekindling the old flame. He tells her about the deal that he made with Alec that stopped him from going off to college with her. Earlier, Derek's mother wanted to know what the police were doing to find her son's killer and Dan said he's investigate. Now Theresa and Dan are talking about teaming up to take down Alec.

It does seem more and more likely that if Rebecca is the twins mother, as it appears to be, then Ted is their father. He cheated on Kristen with Rebecca and got her pregnant and she let him adopt one of his daughters. Just Ted's luck that he picked the one that is just like Rebecca instead of the one who is just like him.


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