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The Lying Game -- Derek Is the Snake

Updated on January 31, 2012

Could Rebecca-Annie Be Mads Mother?

Yeah, I know, the suspicion is Rebecca-Annie is the twins real mother, but the resemblance between Rebecca and Mads it just plain eerie. I know it's probably just a coincidence but you see those two in a scene together and they look like mother and daughter.

I also have to say Sutton is just such a total nasty piece of shit. Thayer has done a lot for her and she treats him like crap, because she wants Ethan. She treats everyone like crap unless she has a particular use for them at the moment. Again, can't someone really kill her off for real this time?

On to the show, Ethan has to take Sutton to school, since he didn't get to break up with her, and she notices that on Derek's arm he has a snake tattoo. She and Ethan go to confront Derek as the man who tried to kill her, but they get no answers. Someone arrives and they take off. Later, Derek is found dead and Ethan is prime suspect. Dan tells Ethan the only hope he has is to run.

Laurel decides to give Justin another chance, but when Sutton finds out she tries to put all sorts of nasty doubts in her mind about him. She also encourages Laurel to lie to Ted and Kristen about not seeing Justin. Laurel also meets a member of the band she sang with who wants her to become a member.

Spreading the Sutton sunshine to Mads, she promises to cover for Mads so she can sneak off on a date with Ryan, only when she tells Emma she needs to take her place to take her school exams, she neglects to mention that fact to Emma. So when Emma calls up wondering where Mads is to Alec, Mads is busted. To be fair to the selfish witch, she really doesn't give anyone a thought but herself, so she may have just forgotten and not done it on purpose. Although she doesn't like it that Ryan wants Mads and not her.

Sutton is also continuing to be crappy to Kristen and since Kristen got a taste of nice daughter Emma, she wants Ted to lay down the law to Sutton. Of course, the selfish witch has traded places, so Emma is the one that gets the lecture, as Ted and Kristen find they've got the nice daughter back for a time. However, when Ted tries to look at the cut on Sutton's head, Emma yells for him to get away from her, not wanting him to see she doesn't have one, and Ted says they have to face facts they're stuck with the devil daughter.

Before Ethan goes on the run, he goes to school to get Emma so she can go with her, much to Sutton's chagrin. However, Emma falls while running off with Ethan and has to stay behind while Sutton gets to go on the run with Ethan. So once again everything works out perfectly for nasty Sutton. Emma gets left with a mess while Sutton gets to rub up against Ethan like a cat in heat and have him all to herself. Of course, once all the trouble is over and Emma fixes the mess that is Sutton's nasty little life, she'll come strutting back in to take her life back and make everyone in it miserable, again.

I hope Ethan sees Sutton for the piece of crap she is and won't succumb to her imagined charms, but I do think something might develop between Thayer and Emma. They had a little bonding moment playing video games and with Sutton off with Ethan there's no telling what might happen.

Rebecca-Annie is playing some kind of game of her own. She goes to a jewelry shop and starts trying on engagement rings. It seems her plan is to get Alec to marry her. My guess is if she's the twins' mother that she had an affair with Ted and he's there father and Alec helped cover up that fact. Although why they're going to such lengths to keep it quiet seems like there should be more to the story than that.


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