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The Lying Game -- Don't Hold The Funeral Just Yet

Updated on January 9, 2012

Dirty Dealings Revealed

Sutton is one nasty piece of work. Thayer and Ethan explain why the present Emma got may in fact be from Sutton. She pulled the same trick on a transfer student. Gaslighted her until the girl transferred to a new school.

While the teens are trying to unravel the Sutton mess, Kristin is having a little tete-a-tete with Rebecca aka Annie. She says she wants to surprise Ted with a trip to California and wonders what cities Rebecca has been in. Kristin was in Santa Barbara with Ted when Ted ran into the old friend who thought she was Annie and mentioned Ted spent time with Annie in Santa Barbara, but according to Rebecca-Annie she's never been in Santa Barbara. So maybe Ted spent time in SB with the other Annie. Still wondering if Ted could be the twins real father.

Laurels having her own man problems. After playing golf with Ted, Justin is pretty cold to Laurel and he breaks up with her. He even claims he has someone up in his room. What's actually up in his room is an autopsy report from Los Angeles. Later Ted sees Justin burning a box of photos.

Ted and Emma head to Texas to visit a university that's interested in Sutton attending. Ethan and Thayer think if Sutton is playing her Lying Game with Emma, learning Emma was going to get into a university on her name will smoke her out. While there, Emma learns some more not-so nice tidbits about her twin. She also has a nightmare where she sees Sutton's headstone and is convince Sutton is dead.

Earlier, Emma wanted to go to the police, but when they went to go to Ethan's brother Dan, they found him in an intense conversation with Alec. Ethan wants to know what was going on. Dan tells him when he was younger he was with a rich girl that OD-ed and he was going to be charged with selling drugs, but Alec got him out of trouble. Now Dan basically does whatever Alec tells him to.

When Emma returns, Thayer also has come to the conclusion that Sutton is dead. Ethan, Emma and Thayer are holding a mini-wake in Sutton's room when who should come strolling in. Yep, that's right, the bitch is back and no nicer than when she left.

I'm not sure what Rebecca-Annie is up to. She acted last week like she wanted to save Char from her sister so she could take care of her, but this week she didn't even put up much of a fight when Char was sent off to live with her father. Maybe what she really wanted was to have her sister's house all to herself, which she has now.

And is it possible that Justin could be Emma and Sutton's brother and that he believes his mother, Annie Hobbes is dead?


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