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The Lying Game -- Ethan Is Such A Tool

Updated on February 22, 2012

Ethan is brought back to face trial for Derek's murder and Alec is hell-bent on railroading him into prison to probably cover up the fact he's the one who really did the crime. He's even going to try Ethan as an adult. Meanwhile, Thayer goes to the ranch to pick up Slutton. That's not a misspell, just my own personal name for this witch.

It was sickening watching Ethan's father, Ben, hugging on Slutton and telling her to come back to the ranch. As was her claim that staying on the ranch had changed her. She's a nasty piece of work and I don't see it changing anytime soon. As witnessed with her tude towards what she did to Mads. Talk to the hand, Slutton, with your BS about just testing Ryan, and that's why you came on to him. What about not telling Emma you were supposed to cover for Mads when she went on a date with Ryan? Were you also doing that for your good friend, too, when you didn't mention that little fact to Emma when she took over your life, again? She's such a pig.

The thing with Slutton, is nothing is ever good enough for her. She doesn't appreciate the great life she has as Ted and Kristen's daughter or what good parents they are to her. I really think she went looking for her real mother because she thought she could find something better than what she has. She's a complete nasty pig to Kristen. I've yet to see her treat her decently once. I also have a hard time believing that someone as selfish as Slutton ever wanted to share her new better shiny real mother with Emma. I think she just used Emma to keep her life going while she found out if her real mother would be better than her adopted mother and if she wasn't, she could slide back to her old life without anyone being none the wiser.

Emma convinces Slutton to wait until after Ethan's trial is over before taking back her life. So, Ted, Kristen and Laurel have a little long before they have to put up with the nasty little cretin, again. Emma also convinces Dan to find a real good lawyer for Ethan, since she's had experience with public defenders and knows there are some bad ones, which Ethan happens to have, Probably courtesy of Alec, no doubt.

Dan calls his ex-girlfriend, Theresa Lopez, who is a high-powered attorney. Dan and Theresa still seem to be carrying a flame for each other. It's the most interesting Dan has been since the entire series began.

Emma also goes to Rebecca and tells her about the frat boy that says he saw Alec kill Derek. Rebecca says to leave it to her and she'll stop Alec from railroading Ethan into jail for a crime he didn't commit. Taking a page out of the book from A on Pretty Little Liars, Rebecca starts sending herself threatening text messages saying Alec can't be trusted. And I don't know how she got it, but even a photo of Alec looking like he was about to hit Derek with a tire iron. As a result, Alec drops all charges against Ethan.

And how does Ethan thank Emma? By treating her like dirt. Theresa arranged for Emma to sneak in to see Ethan, but Slutton intercepted the text message and erased it and went to see Ethan, instead. Slutton got her wittle feelings hurt when Ethan confessed to Emma that something almost happened between him and Slutton but Slutton means nothing to she told Ethan that she slept with Thayer while he was gone and the stupid tool bought it hook, line and sinker. The fact that this fool bought it so easily kind of says it all. I'm sure he'll have sex with Slutton and then find out the truth, then he'll try and get back together with Emma and I hope she tells him where to go. The fact Ethan almost screwed Slutton knowing full-well what she is and that he left Emma holding the bag back home, shows Slutton is exactly what he deserves.

I still can't help but hope that the show is setting up a Who Killed Slutton murder mystery. There will definitely be plenty of suspects since to know Slutton is to hate her miserable guts.


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