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The Lying Game -- Ethan Learns Emma's Way Is Better

Updated on January 23, 2013

Last week, Ethan used the fake paper Sutton provided and this week it was discovered to be a fake and Ethan was told he had to take a test to prove he knew the material to pass; only he didn't. So Emma offered to help him cram for the test and he managed to pass with a C.

Ethan also regrets his night of cheap sex with Sutton. She, of course, blames Emma for it and tells Rebecca if she can just get rid of her, Ethan will forget about her. Only Mommy Rebecca wants Emma in her equation of the perfect family she, Sutton and Ted are going to form. Apparently, Laurel doesn't fit into her equation, though. Instead, Rebecca wants Sutton to take back her life from Emma, because Emma is making too much progress in getting Ted and Kristen back together.

Thayer finds a phone out in the garage and thinks it's yet another way to tighten the noose around Alec's neck. As it turns out the phone proves Alec didn't set himself up so he could get off the hook. The call to the woman who placed the tire iron on Alec came from Flagstaff and Thayer was with Alec when the call was made, so it proves Alec is innocent. Thayer goes ballistic and attacks Alec, but it doesn't prevent the charges being dropped and Alec being a free man.

This isn't music to Rebecca's ears. She thought she had framed Alec perfectly. She goes to Ted saying she's afraid of Alec, hoping to score points with him. Then she tells her accomplice [who I've got a bad feeling may be Alec's cheating ex-wife] that she knows exactly how to handle Alec. She waits for Alec in a skimpy night gown and when he arrives he starts kissing her. I was hoping he'd start choking her, instead.

Laurel agrees to go out on a date with Jordan and asks Mads to go along. Mads is rude and makes an excuse to leave early. Later, Jordan confronts Mads about what her problem is. She tells him he's her step-brother and she's not interested in him. She even slaps him to prove how uninterested in him she is. That leads to some having kissing action between them that Laurel witnesses.

Sutton challenges Emma to a tennis match and the loser has to stay in the cabin while the winner gets to be Sutton. Emma is the better player, so Sutton does what Sutton does best: she plays dirty. During the match she reveals to Emma that she and Ethan slept together hoping to throw Emma off her game. It's actually Mads showing up to ask Emma to talk to Thayer before he leaves town that gets Sutton the win when Emma has to forfeit the game.

Emma finds Thayer, but she can't convince him to not head off to LA. He wants her to go with him, but she says she can't leave the Mercers who are the only family she's ever had. Earlier, Thayer got upset when Emma blew him off to help Ethan study. So it seems this is the end of Emma and Thayer, as Emma has to head up to the cabin and let Sutton take over, which can only mean trouble for everyone.


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