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The Lying Game -- Everyone Wants To Get Rebecca

Updated on March 7, 2013

Original Airing: March 5, 2013

Ted confessed to Emma that Derek was blackmailing him about being her father and that he was the one putting flowers on his grave because he felt bad for what happened to him. He also reveals he met Theresa at the cemetery but swears he didn’t harm her. Emma convinces him to go to Dan with what he knows, only Dan isn’t buying his story. Alec has to pull Dan off of Ted and tells Dan he believes Rebecca was behind it.

When Emma tells Sutton that Ted admitted to being her father, Sutton is upset because she’s been waiting to hear him say that for 16 years. Later, Sutton goes to Ted and gets him to say it again, then she and Emma reveal to Ted that he has twin daughters. They reveal Alec decided to split them up. Ted confronts Alec, who says he didn’t think Ted could handle twins, and also suggests he split the twins up for Kristin. Ted vows he’s going to get his family back and to stay away from Kristin.

Rebecca gets her jollies publicly humiliating Kristin by accusing her in front of everyone of sleeping with Alec and reveals she saw Alec and Kristin kiss. Alec, however, claims it meant nothing. That’s enough for Kristin and when Alec’s later tells her he didn’t mean what he said, she makes it clear she wants nothing more to do with him.

Ethan paid a high price for choosing loyalty to Emma over his brother. When Dan learned Ethan knew that Ted had ran into Theresa at the cemetery and didn’t tell him to give Emma enough time to give Ted a chance to clear himself, he wanted nothing more to do with Ethan and threw him out.

Things weren’t going King Pouty Face aka Thayer’s way, this week. First, Kristin invited Ethan to stay with them, since Dan threw him out. Then he got left out of the loop when the gang brainstormed on what they should do next to prove Rebecca’s guilt. Finally, Kristin suggested he back-off of Emma but he refused. Alec, however, tried to reach out to him and suggested he help him prove Rebecca’s guilt.

Mads brought Jordan to the meeting of the Get Rebecca Society and Jordan mentioned that Rebecca keeps a file box full of documents. He planned to steal it, only when he tried, someone was hiding in the house and had already stolen it.

Sutton came right out and asked Rebecca if she had anything to do with Derek’s death and Theresa’s disappearance but she wouldn’t answer. So Ted was sent in as second string to find out the truth from Rebecca. However, police sirens interrupted him. Just as they interrupted Emma as she was about to have an honest chat with Thayer.

Laurel confronted Sutton about if their family means anything to her, pointing out she never needed to know she shared DNA with Sutton to love her. Sutton apologizes for the way she acted and then she gets a phone call from Theresa. She goes to the police and they’re able to trace Theresa’s cell phone to the club.

The sirens Ted and Emma heard at a crucial moment are the police arriving to search the grounds for Theresa. To Dan’s horror they find Theresa floating in the swimming pool, apparently dead.


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