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The Lying Game -- Just How Evil Is Sutton? Pretty Evil!

Updated on March 7, 2012

After seeing the end of this episode I'm back to begging someone to kill this foul beyotch. I was wondering why the little cow was demanding her life back, and it's because she's getting Emma to do all her dirty work for her.

Emma tells Ethan, once again, that it's over between them. That he'll always be susceptible to Sutton. Of course, one has to wonder what it is about this extremely nasty hose beast that Ethan can't resist. Doesn't really say much for Ethan. Really can't feel sorry for Ethan or sympathize with him. After how nasty the hose beast was when she came back to town for him to fall under her slimy little spell doesn't speak well for Ethan or any of his promises it won't happen again. He really can't promise it won't happen again. All it'll take is the hose beast rubbing up against his like a cat in heat and he'll probably give in, again. Ryan knows what a nasty piece of shit she is and he wants nothing to do with her.

Of course, the question is, is Thayer any better than Ethan. If the Hose Beast started coming on to him and acting all nice, would he fall under her spell, as well? Thayer continued to be her lap dog long after he should have been and only seemed to wise up to her after she lifted her leg and repeatedly whizzed all over him. If she suddenly started acting nice to him, would he fall from grace the same way Ethan did. It's actually pretty unbelievable that we're supposed to believe she's some kind of irresistible siren when she has the personality of a toothache.

Emma also tells the family it's all over between her and Ethan. While Kristen is comforting Emma the Hose Beast is out spying on them by the window. She can't hide her smugness when Emma admits it's all over with Ethan. She wants Emma to show Kristen Rebecca's locket with Ted's picture inside. Emma really needs to wise-up about this cretin. She seemed to when she slapped her, but now she's back to being Dumb Emma letting the Hose Beast pull her strings and letting her manipulate her into doing what she wants her to do.

Rebecca is a much smoother operator. When she runs into Kristen later she lets it slip she's so glad Ted told Kristen the truth about them and acts like she's so sorry she made the slip. Like it was really an accident. She manipulates someone with finesse while Sutton is pure crudeness in comparison. She's too smug and over-played to truly be a good manipulator. She's only gotten away with half her garage because the people around her are so dumb. Or maybe the people around her are good and can't believe someone could be as evil as she is.

Kristen's devastation over Ted's lies are complete when Emma shows her Rebecca's locket. After the horse is out of the barn, Emma realizes she shouldn't have listened to Evil Twin and done it. Kristen manages to hold it all in and put on a brave front until Ted is giving a toast to celebrate Rebecca and Alec's upcoming marriage and Kristen can take it no more and bolts from the table. Laurel and Emma go home with Kristen and Ted is locked out of the house, with Kristen refusing to see him.

While the engagement dinner is going on, Ethan is doing a B&E at Rebecca's house and lo and behold who shows up to take every opportunity to rub-up against him, but little Miss Slutton. Ethan seems still effected by her nearness so Emma was right kicking his butt to the curb. They find the photo of Alex with the crowbar in hand about to hit Derek and print it out. Later, they show Dan and Theresa who say it isn't enough to take Alec down. It is, however enough to get a search warrant.

Up until now Mads had been clinging to the hope Rebecca was telling the truth and their father was innocent but seeing the photo she can deny it no longer. She and Thayer have to act like everything is normal until Alec leaves for the wedding then they let the police in to conduct their search.

Emma goes to the wedding to once more try to get through to Rebecca, but she's not budging. At one point, Rebecca looks at Emma with such hatred in her eyes, I thought she was going to kill her. Afterwards the wedding goes off without a hitch, but right after Alec and Rebecca are pronounced man and wife, the police burst in and arrest Alec.

Ethan arrives to see Emma hugging Thayer, who doesn't think he's going to be able to get through this without her help. And upstairs smiling smugly down at all her handy work is a gloating Slutton. She knows Rebecca is her mommy and they've been working together the whole time to destroy Ted's relationship with Kristen and Ethan's with Emma.

I don't find Rebecca as vile as her loathsome daughter because Kristen raised this ungrateful snot and she blithely destroyed her life in some bid to reunite her real daddy with her shiny new mommy. I don't think Laurel and Emma fit it Slutton's visions for the future anymore than Kristen does. Yes, it appears her shiny new mommy also has no use for Emma, which makes her more shiny and better in Slutton's eyes, no doubt. Again, can someone please kill this vile little beyotch. She has not one redeem quality. It would be even better if shiny new mommy was the one to do it. Dumb-dumb doesn't realize Mommy is just like her who has no loyalties to anyone but herself, and Rebecca may see little Slutton as a liability since she knows the truth of how they plotted to destroy Kristen and Ted's marriage and if Ted finds out, Rebecca will never get Ted, so she may decide that Slutton is as expendable as Slutton decided Kristen was.

As for Rebecca, you have to hand it to her. She's quite the manipulator. In the short time she's been back. She got rid of her sister and niece and took over their house and money. Now she's married Alec and has access to his money, all she needs to do is dispose of Mads and Thayer, as well. Alec, quite the manipulator in his own right, proved no match for her. Thanks to her, he's now cooling his heels in jail.

One thing that doesn't make sense is why was Alec willing to kill just to keep secret that Ted had an affair with Rebecca and she gave birth to twins. It really makes no sense. But maybe when Alec said to Ted only half the truth is out, maybe there's something a lot more going on then what has been yet to be revealed.


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