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The Lying Game -- Mr. Safe Vs. Mr. Right

Updated on February 21, 2013

Original Airing: February 19, 2013

Waking up the morning after in bed with Thayer, Emma doesn’t look like she’s all aglow from the night before. In fact, she looks slightly sick, until Thayer wakes up and she puts on a good act about being happy about the night before and it fulfilling all her dreams. To make matters worse, Emma runs into Ethan as she’s taking the walk of shame.

Sutton hears Laurel and Emma talking about Rebecca possibly being the one to kill Derek. Emma’s keeping to herself her suspicions about Ted. Sutton comes out of hiding and gives Emma a hard time and says if Emma doesn’t really want Thayer, she gave it up for nothing. Later, Laurel finds Emma crying and she reveals she can’t stop thinking about Ethan.

Emma becomes even more confused when Kristin talks about her own romantic history when she was torn between two boys in high school: Alec and Ted. Kristin says she picked Ted over Alec because he was the safe choice and she didn’t think it could work with Alec, but the whole thing blew-up in her face. She advises that Emma should listen to what her hearts says. Meanwhile, Alec and Kristin finally share a kiss. Unfortunately, Rebecca sees it and can’t wait to rush to Ted and tell him all about it.

When Sutton finds out, she says Rebecca must really hate Kristin to want her to end up with a killer like Alec. Sutton finally tries to find out if it was Rebecca who killed Derek. Rebecca reveals someone sent her all the stuff that she used to frame Alec. I’m betting it’s going to turn out to be Thayer’s mother, since they mentioned how she hated Alec in a previous episode.

Ted goes to confront Alec and ends up punching him when Alec says he intends to protect Kristin from finding out the truth. Meanwhile, Thayer is getting punched out by Ethan, and he really got what he deserved. He convinced Emma not to tell Ethan her suspicions about Ted, then he started taunting Ethan about Emma.

When Ted confronts Kristin about kissing Alec, she gives him the divorce papers. She says she just can’t do this anymore, after confronting him about the missing $20,000 from their bank account. After that Ted makes a beeline for Rebecca and tells her he wants her, making her dreams come true. It would be ironic if little Becca is the one who ends up being with a killer. Couldn’t happen to a nicer person.

Mrs. Rodgers returns like the bad penny she is and reveals to Dan and Theresa someone is regularly leaving flowers at Derek’s grave. They stake out the grave and no one shows up. They have to leave for their engagement party. Afterwards, Theresa returns to the cemetery to stake it out by herself and catches the person whose been leaving the flowers. Will Theresa make it to her wedding with Dan or will she become the latest victim?

Emma goes to Alec about what he knows. He tells her Ted didn’t kill Derek and that Ted didn’t know there were twins. It was actually Alec that decided to split them up, something he keeps to himself. Alec also offers to help Jordan break free from the grip that Rebecca has on him so she can stop making him do what she wants him to do.

Finally, feeling bad about her parents impending divorce, Laurel goes to Ethan and tells him he still has a chance with Emma and to fight for her. He does just that when he goes to her and kisses her.


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