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The Lying Game -- Oh, Ethan, How Could You!

Updated on February 15, 2012

You know, I thought Ethan was better than this. I finally thought he saw good old nasty Sutton for what she was and he was totally in love with Emma. Apparently they're interchangeable to him. All Sutton has to do is play peacemaker between him and his father and matchmaker and he's forgetting everything this vile piece of work has done and is giving into her. How far he gave in remains to be seen, as he was arrested shirtless, while nasty Sutton gets away, again. I'm sure she'll be sleazing her way back home wanting to take back her life, again.

Back home, Thayer confirms Emma's story for Mads. Mads agrees to help find out the truth. Both Thayer and Mads refuse to believe Alec has done anything bad, even when a guy they track down at a fraternity party tells them he saw Alec kill Derek. Mads and Thayer feel their belief in Alec's innocence is confirmed when Rebecca gives him an alibi for the time Derek was murdered. Emma, however, wonders if Rebecca could be lying.

Laurel can't get past what Justin did. She writes a rather nasty song about it and after talking with Emma, Laurel ends it with Justin. It looks like her potential new boyfriend will be bandmate Baz.

Rebecca is quite the piece of work. She gets the Justin tale out of Laurel and when Ted tells Rebecca to stay away from his family, she tells him she knows the death of Justin's mother isn't the real reason he left California.

You know, giving the games Miss Rebecca-Annie is playing, I can definitely see her being Sutton's mother. Like mother, like daughter. Emma seems to be more like Ted.

There seems to be more than just the identity of the twins parents involved here. Especially if Alec killed Derek to keep him quiet.

I think because Ethan is such a weak tool, it's just opened the door for a possible romance between Thayer and Emma. If I were Emma, I wouldn't be able to trust Ethan after this. He was dating Sutton and when Emma took her place, he ended up getting involved with Emma. Now he's hiding out a couple of days with Sutton and he succumbs to her. How can you trust his feelings for you, after that?


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