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The Lying Game -- Sutton Lures Ethan Deeper Into Her Web

Updated on June 18, 2013

Ethan continued to grow further away from Emma and closer to Sutton when Sutton purchased a paper Ethan could cheat with and he used it and Emma had to lie for him so he wouldn't get in trouble. Emma had been sure Ethan woudln't use it and was disappointed when he cheated like Sutton wanted him to. Ethan tried to equate what he did to Emma continuing to lie to everyone and let them believe she's Sutton. Ethan ended up showing up at the cabin and having sex with Sutton.

Meanwhile Emma continued to grow closer to Thayer, especially after Mads got mad at Thayer because she believes Alec is innocent. In a moment of anger, Mads blurts out that Thayer isn't Alec's son. It turns out Alec's wife cheated on him and got pregnant with Thayer. When the man came back, Thayer was given a choice to stay with Alec or go off with his mother and his biological father, and he chose Alec. Thayer thinks Alec wishes he had left with his mother.

Rebecca tells Sutton she doesn't want Jordan, who is her stepson, to find out she's the twins' mother. Mads also doesn't want it to get around she and Jordan had sex in the pool when they first met, especially when she finds out because of Rebecca's marriage to Alec, that makes them sort of related. However, problems could arise since Jordan takes an interest in Laurel. Jordan also meets Emma and Sutton; the question is can he tell they're like two different people. When a drunk Ethan gets Jordan to drive him up to the cabin, Jordan sees Sutton great Ethan at the door to the cabin.

Kristen and Ted agree to go to marriage counseling and it seems to help. Ted promises he's not keeping anything else from Kristen and she knows all his secrets, but when he gets in this car he bangs on the steering wheel in anger. Kristen may not be understanding if Ted explains that the child Kristen raised was actually Ted and Rebecca's daughter.

As it turns out, Alec isn't so smitten with Rebecca that he's been fooled by her. He suspects that Rebecca was the one who set him up. Theresa finds a woman that confirms Alec was framed, but Dan puts a bug in Theresa's ear that Alec may have paid the woman to claim Alec was being framed to get him out of jail.

While I don't want nasty Sutton to get what she wants, I think Emma deserves better than Ethan. He knows what Sutton is but he can't seem to stay away from the vile little cretin. If I were Emma I'd dump him for good. How can she trust him when he constantly falls back in Sutton's web.

It's terrible, but I don't particularly care if Alec killed Derek of not. I just want him to get out of jail and start causing Rebecca and Sutton plenty of trouble. It's time for those two cretins to get a little bit of their own back.


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