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The Lying Game -- Sutton Spreads Her Malicious Brand Of Magic

Updated on January 25, 2012

Suttons back in her glory and she doesn't waste any time making everyone's life miserable. Of course, no one really questions why nice Sutton is gone and the bitch is back.

The Black and White Ball is coming up and Sutton trashes the white gown Kristen shows her that Emma loved, previously. Sutton, however, is thrilled she can force Ethan to take her to the party. Mads opts to go with Thayer instead of Ryan.

Emma is hurt when Sutton suggests that maybe it's time for Emma to go away, but claims it's for her own good and safety. However, she sings another tune when Ethan says he's going to use the party to break-up with her and he and Emma will be going away. Suddenly Sutton is playing Lady Bountiful, giving Emma some of her cast-off clothing and claiming she wants her to stick around. The end result is now Ethan can't break up with the miserable wretch, giving her a chance to sink her claws back into him.

Emma, once again, tries to tell Thayer his Daddy is involved in this mess up to his neck, but he won't listen to a word of it. Wonder what it's going to take for him to open his eyes?

Laurel isn't fairing any better with Sutton. She mistakenly believes she's confiding in the sister that actually cares about her and tells her what Justin told her and makes her swear not to tell. It isn't long before Sutton is telling Ted the truth and Laurel is feeling the sting of betrayal from sister Sutton.

Mads is happy to have her mean girl soul sister back, but she might not be if she knew the real reason Sutton is so anti-Ryan. Seems Ryan deflowered Little Sutton but he made it clear that Mads was the one he loved. Afterwards Sutton made his life miserable. She tells Ryan when he gets tired of Mads, he knows where to find her. What a great friend Sutton is...NOT!

At the ball, Kristen won't let Justin get near Laurel because she now knows the truth about him thanks to Sutton. Sutton lays a big wet one on Ethan so he won't mistake her for Emma. This causes Ethan to leave her at the dance and go to Emma. They're on the verge of making love when Sutton bursts in to say Annie Hobbes is in the hospital. Something Alec has also found out.

Justin manages to have a private moment with Laurel when Kristen isn't around to play Mama Bear. The whole Justin/Laurel thing seems to have been a bit of a wake-up call for Kristen when she finds out that Ted wasn't completely honest with her about what happened. That's only the tip of the iceberg, sweetie.

Annie Hobbes reveals to the twins she's not their mother, after all. It appears their real mother may be Rebecca-Annie. Annie tells the girls her child died and there was another mother that gave birth to twins that she was giving up for adoption, so Annie stole one of them. She also tells them she saw a man with a snake tattoo on his arm at the scene of Sutton's accident.

After the girls leave, Rebecca-Annie pays Annie a little visit. So it seems that Rebecca-Annie is the real mother. The question is who is the twins father? Ted or Alec? I'm guessing Ted, as if it's Alec, that's means Sutton committed incest with her half-brother. Eeeeeeeeeeew!

Okay, this is a terrible thing to say, but could someone murder Sutton? There'd be a long list of suspects if all her crap came out. She seems like a totally miserable human being without one redeeming quality.


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