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The Lying Game -- Sutton Takes Her Life Back

Updated on January 18, 2012

Sutton Claims She's Changed; I'm Not Buying It

Sutton claims someone tried to kill her, but no one believes her and think it's just another of her lying games. She takes the trio to the motel she was staying on, claiming Annie Hobbes had stayed there with her, only there's no sign of Annie there, at all. Thanks to Thayer, who Sutton treats like a tissue she's used and discarded, her story is proven to be true. He finds a surveillance tape proving her story.

Because Sutton has a cut on her forehead she tells Emma she has to continue to be her until it heals and no one can figure out there's two of them, since whomever tried to kill her thinks they've succeeded.

Sutton's in hog heaven because she gets to stay alone with Ethan at his trailer. She's disappointed to find Thayer making her breakfast instead of Ethan.

Rebecca-Annie takes an interest in Laurel when she hears her sing. She gets Laurel to sing on stage at a party. Of course, things take a sour turn when Justin finally tells her the truth. Her father killed his mother. Ted got a phone call and was distracted while performing surgery on his mother and he left in the middle and let someone else finish the surgery for him. Laurel won't listen to anything else he has to say feeling he got involved with her just to get revenge on her father.

Ryan, as ex-student, returns to school and he's got his eye on Mads. When he outbids her in the silent auction for tickets to Cinderella, he gives them to her as a present in a box of pizza he sends her and asks her to go out with him and she accepts. Word to the wise, Ryan. Don't learn any of Daddy's secrets or you could end up in rehab like Mads' previous boyfriend.

Sutton can't wait to enjoy some of the privilege she's so used to, so she sneaks home when everyone is out and indulges herself. Unfortunately, for Kristen, she comes home while Sutton is pampering herself and asks why she isn't at school. Sutton claims she's sick and when Kristen tries to touch her forehead, Sutton screams at her not to touch her. Emma comes home and tells her she doesn't appreciate what she has. Sutton claims she intends to make Emma a part of her life. Does anyone really believe that?

While Emma and the family are at the party, Sutton comes home, again. This time some unknown intruder enters the house and she runs to the party. She gets caught outside the party and claims to have fallen, explaining the bruise on her head and regaining her life.

With the exception of Mads, I think everyone else is going to miss Emma and not be happy that selfish snotty nasty Sutton is back. She treats Kristen like crap. Laurel and Sutton had no relationship, and Laurel's going to miss having Emma around as a friend and a sister. And Ethan better not let that selfish skank get her claws into him. She only wants him because he wants someone else. If she gets him back she'll treat him like her boy on the side that isn't good enough to be seen in public with Princess Sutton.

It makes me wish someone had really killed this nasty piece of baggage.


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