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The Lying Game -- The Bride Vanishes

Updated on February 28, 2013

Original Airing: February 26, 2013

Whomever Theresa saw in the cemetery appears to have done something to her, as the next day Dan waited for her to show up at their wedding and she never showed. When Dan went to her apartment, he found all her clothes missing. Theresa’s car was found, but whomever cleaned it out missed the wedding vows Theresa had written to Dan, and it just convinced Dan more than ever someone was trying to convince him Theresa ran out on him when something very bad had happened to her.

He went to the cemetery looking for clues and Alec was called. Dan begged Alec to tell him what he told Theresa, but he refused to tell him what he told her. Ethan also refused to tell Dan what he knew, even though he threatened to tell Dan everything because Emma was keeping her suspicions about Ted from her, egged on by Thayer. Later, Alec told Thayer everything he’s done has been to protect him and because he loves him, which could mean one of two things: Thayer is the real killer or Thayer’s mother is behind the whole thing. The way Thayer is so hot to try and blame everything on Alec could be proof he’s the one that gave Rebecca the stuff to frame Alec. It would be ironic if he’s the one behind everything. I know he displays real shifty and smug behavior around Ethan. And I agree with Ethan he’s manipulating Emma to not fill Ethan in on things.

Sutton seems to have had her fill of Rebecca, as she goes to Emma and is honest with her about how she’s been working for Rebecca. However, Emma won’t return the favor and admit her suspicions about Ted. Sutton even goes to Ethan and he has no clue, but talking to Sutton gets him to put the pieces together. He confronts her about her suspicions about Ted. She denies it, but he’s not buying it, and he gives her one day to prove Ted’s innocence or he says he’s going to tell Dan what he knows.

Jordan goes to Alec and says he wants to play ball with him so he can get free of Rebecca. Alec tells Jordan to continue to play along with Rebecca. She gives him a new task, she wants him to spy on Mads to find out what her friends know. Mads hears it, but Jordan impresses her when he admits what Rebecca told him to do. He also tells Mads he knows about Emma and Sutton.

Ted gets caught searching the house for his hospital security badge. When he sees Alec text Kristin about meeting him at a hotel for their date he displays a violent streak that shocks Emma. Later, Rebecca catches him searching desperately for his hospital badge, too, but he won’t confide in her. Finally, Ted returns to the cemetery looking for it and is confronted by Emma who is holding it in her hand. Was it Ted that Theresa saw at the cemetery? Did he do something to her? Or is someone else to blame for Theresa’s mysterious disappearance.

I have to say this show has done a good job of building the mystery of who killed Derek Rodgers and why. I haven’t got a clue who it could be. Right now, it could be anyone.


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