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The Lying Game -- The Game Continues

Updated on January 10, 2013

Rebecca and Sutton were still playing their little lying game. The question is, is Alec on to them?

Rebecca arranged with the judge presiding over Alec's case to deny him bail. She plans to make sure he goes to prison and fleece him for all his money. The question is, is Alec on to her? When she came to visit him he seemed to buy her crocodile tears number, but Alec is a master manipulator, as we saw when he visited with Emma. As always, the question is, what does Alec know.

Rebecca may have bitten off more than she can chew, this time. Alec convinces Dan's girlfriend, Theresa, who is convinced of his guilt, to believe in his innocence. She even agrees to become his new attorney. We don't know exactly what he told her, but he told her something.

Rebecca's ultimate plan is to become a family with both Emma and Sutton; something that Sutton isn't too happy about, since she'd prefer Emma be cut out of the equation all together. Sutton likes to be number one. From what we know of her relationship with Laurel, she was a rotten sister to her, because she wanted to be the one and only and no doubt resented the fact Laurel is Ted and Kristen's biological daughter. It'll be interesting to see how Little Sutton reacts when she learns the new boy in town Jordan, is Rebecca's son. Seems she'll have to share mommy with two kids instead of one.

Meanwhile, Sutton is still hot after Ethan. First she gets him to take her for a ride on his bike and fakes a twisted ankle; then on Rebecca's advice she acts honest with Ethan like she did while they were on the run and is sure she's making inroads with him.

Meanwhile she helps Mommy Rebecca thwart Emma and Laurel's attempt to try and get Ted and Kristen back together. They get both Ted and Kristen to show up, but before Ted arrives, Mommy Rebecca shows up to tell Kristen how Ted told her about Kristen's fertility problems when they were having an affair together. Afterwards, Ted and Kristen's fight ruins Laurel's concert as she runs off the stage.

At Alec's hearing, Emma is taken aback when Alec winks at her. When she comes to visit him, he reveals he knows she's Emma and has become rather good at telling them apart. He doesn't really tell her anything, but warns her not to trust Sutton. You know the really sad thing? Alec shouldn't need to tell Emma that. With everything Sutton has done, Emma should already not trust her.

So basically we have a status quo. Emma and Ethan and Ted and Kristen are still on the outs with the two vultures, Sutton and Rebecca, just waiting for the opportunity to swoop in for the kill. Alec is the only one who knows Emma is pretending to be Sutton. Alec was also the bright spot of the episode. He may be the only one who can foil the two vultures plans.


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