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The Lying Game -- The Plot To Trap Rebecca

Updated on February 21, 2013

Original Airing: February 12, 2013

Laurel didn’t take the news too well that Emma has been lying to her for months; she also didn’t know if she wanted to help her in her scheme to set a trap for Rebecca and find out what Mommy Dearest is up to. Ethan also refused to help Emma. But, ultimately, both Laurel and Ethan decide to help.

The school is having a Sadie Hawkins style dance called the Flipside Formal where the girls asks the guys. Rebecca makes Jordan manipulate Laurel into asking him, because she wants to know what Laurel was doing at her place when she got hurt. Sutton asks Ethan and as part of Emma’s plan, Sutton gets trapped in the back of a limo while Emma attends with Ethan. Unfortunately, Thayer sucks at keeping Sutton prisoner and she escapes, tipping off Rebecca that Emma is pretending to be her.

Kristin is having her and Ted’s bank account gone over, when she learns Ted took out $20,000 in small amounts from their account. Kristin thinks it’s proof that Ted was having another affair with Rebecca in the present. Meanwhile, Derek Rodgers mother comes to Dan to tell him she found $20,000 that Derek had hidden. When Emma learns about this she becomes convinced that Ted is the one who may have killed Derek. She also puts two and two together and realizes Ted may be her father.

Mads is feeling like the unwanted stepchild when Jordan takes Laurel to the dance instead of her and she learns the gang had a plan and she was left out of the loop. She ends up commiserating with Ethan, who gets dumped by Sutton for helping Emma and plotting against her. Meanwhile, Emma decides to hand in her V-card and has sex with Thayer.

While the kids were at the dance, Alec stopped by to see Kristin. They spend an enjoyable night together and Alec almost kisses her before leaving.

I guess it was too good to be true to hope Rebecca would get outted that easily. She also got Ted to dance with her at the dance. It’s a terrible thing to say but I think Alec has better chemistry with both Kristin and Rebecca. He’s also a more interesting character. I kind of like the possible Alec/Kristen pairing.

Meanwhile, Theresa tries to get Alec to let her tell Dan about the twins, but he says no dice. He says anyone who knows the truth is in danger. Of course the big question is why? The only thing you can think is someone is trying to keep the awful truth from Kristin and they’ll kill to protect her from finding out her husband brought his illegitimate child home to her to raise and let her think it was just some baby he adopted. And that definitely points to Ted being the one who killed Derek.

It’s possibly it was Rebecca who ran Sutton off the road, though, since I don’t think Ted would go that far to try and kill his own daughter. Rebecca on the other hand doesn’t seem to give two licks for her kids; it’s all about using them to get Ted.


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