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The Lying Game -- While Sutton Makes Inroads With Ethan; Emma's Let Holding The Bag

Updated on February 7, 2012

If you never felt sorry for Emma before, this would really be the episode you felt sorry for her.

Emma starts out the episode at police headquarters having to give a video statement of things she wasn't even there to witness. She does her best to fake her way through it from what little Ethan and Sutton said, but it's pretty obvious to everyone, especially Alec, that she's lying through her teeth. Afterwards, Thayer watches Emma through her bedroom window crying, when Ted and Kristen won't allow Mads and Thayer to see her.

Meanwhile, Sutton's in pig heaven. She's got Ethan all to herself. And Ethan starts lowering his guard and starts growing closer to her, even after everything she's done and knowing just what she is. He also tells her about his mother leaving when he was 13 when he hot-wired a car and that his father blames him for it. I really thought Ethan would stay true to Emma, but judging by this episode it appears the little witch will get her claws back into him. And you know what? I can't feel sorry for him. As the old saying goes, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

Emma hasn't got a clue why Mads is so ticked off at her. And she's even more confused when Ryan mentions to Emma what she did at the Black and White Ball. She gets Thayer to find out what he knows. This just opens a Padora's Box of trouble, as Mads goes to Ryan and asks what Sutton did at the Black and White Ball and he tells her how Sutton came on to him and tells Mads that Sutton is no friend to her. Emma also learns Sutton was supposed to cover for Mads while she was out on a date with Ryan, but when she had Emma take her place, she never mentioned it.

Alec is really out to get Ethan for the crime. He and Emma play a cat-and-mouse game at Derek's funeral, with Alec coming out on top. Thayer warns her to beware of his father because he's trying to prove she's lying to nail Ethan. Alec even tries to pressure Dan into rolling over on his brother, but he hangs strong. Meanwhile, when Ted learns Alec had sex with Rebecca he's not a happy camper, but Alec says that way he can insure Rebecca never reveals Ted's secrets. I'm thinking Ted is definitely the father of Sutton and Emma.

Meanwhile Kristen notices Sutton got straight A's on her report card and she thinks something's up with that. Whether she'll remain suspicious and put the pieces together remains to be seen though.

Laurel invites Justin to her concert, but when Kristen sees him there, she gets Ted to chase him away. So instead of spending the evening with Justin, she ends up spending it with Baz and the rest of the band. Later, Laurel visits Justin and she convinces him for now it's best they lie to her parents and not let them know their back together.

Emma goes to Mads who reams her out for all the crappy things she's done to her. Pushed to the limit, Emma finally tells Mads the truth. She's not Sutton, she's Emma. While I'm glad Emma finally told someone, I wish she had told Laurel or Ted or Kristen. Telling Alec's daughter may have been a very stupid move. On the bright side, at least Sutton won't be able to just slide back in after she's had her little adventure and be friends with Mads after Emma fixed the mess Miss Nasty created.


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