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The Lying Game -- Will Kristin Be The Last To Know About The Twins

Updated on March 14, 2013

Who really killed Derek and Theresa?

Original Airing: March 12, 2013

Theresa’s death seemed to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Dan finally got the secret about the twins out of Alec and he also revealed Ethan has known about them all along. This lead Dan to give Ethan an ultimatum: him or the twins. Ethan chose his brother and when Emma told Ethan she loved him and was choosing him over Thayer he told her it was too late.

The coroner’s report on the cause of Theresa’s death proved to be a shocker. She didn’t drown and didn’t have any water in her lungs; she’d also been dead for days when she was put in the pool. She died from a blow to the head with a blunt object. They managed to trace the place where Theresa was killed. They also found the half-necklace Rebecca intended to give to Emma there, which was enough proof to issue a warrant for Rebecca’s arrest. However, Alec calls her and warns her to get out of dodge before the police can arrest her.

Before this happened, Rebecca finally approached Emma. She blamed it all on Alec, claiming she never wanted to split up the twins. She also told Emma how much she loves her. I’m sorry, but I think the only one Rebecca loves is Rebecca. She approached Sutton because she knew she could manipulate her into doing her bidding. Rebecca is a user plain and simple. She even threatened to turn in Jordan for what he did to his brother if he didn’t go away with her, since she didn’t want to be alone. When he refused, the cops came and arrested him for killing his brother.

Emma took Ethan’s rejection to heart and it made her think over all the lies. She wants to tell Kristin the truth, but fears she might turn her back on all of them when she finds out the truth. Sutton is dead-set against telling Kristin the truth, because she’s afraid Kristin will prefer Emma as her daughter. She even gets Ted to promise not to tell Kristin. However, both Emma and Ted agree it’s time for Kristen to know. Emma also tells Sutton it’s time to take back her life and they switch places for the last time. The twins make peace with each other as Emma says being Sutton taught her to stand up for herself and not run away.

Emma also decides it’s time to level with Thayer. He doesn’t take it well when she says she wants them to be friends. After she leaves, he takes a lead pipe he has hidden under his sofa cushion and smashes Emma’s picture. Meanwhile, Ethan tells Sutton he forgives her. Is he planning to turn his affections back to Sutton, permanently, and forget all about Emma, who he claimed to love so much?

At a memorial honoring Theresa Rebecca summons Alec up to the roof. She tells him she’s been framed and knows he warned her about the police coming to arrest her because he doesn’t want the truth coming out. She says at first she thought he was protecting Ted, but now knows who the real killer is. A few seconds later Alec goes crashing through the skylight to the room below. Did Rebecca push him or did he purposely jump through the skylight?

So, who is the real killer? Thayer and Emma shippers are hoping Kristin is the killer, while I’m hoping it’s Thayer who annoys me to no end. While I do think Alec has been trying to stop the truth from coming out to protect Kristin, I can’t imagine why Kristin would kill either Theresa or Derek. I did wonder if because no one suspects her it could be her, but she really has no reason to want to keep the twin secret a secret. And if Theresa was killed because she caught Ted at Derek’s grave, why would Kristin kill to protect a man she’s divorcing?

On the other hand, Thayer really doesn’t have much motive, either. I suppose he could have killed Derek to frame Ethan and get him out of the picture with Emma. And I could see him framing Alec, because even when Alec was proven innocent, he was trying to prove him guilty. Theresa’s murder is a mystery, though. It seemed to stem from her catching Ted at Derek’s grave. Or was it because Theresa had gotten the charges against Alec dropped?

As finales go, they had some good cliffhangers. But will the cliffhangers ever be resolved? The Lying Game is waiting to see if it’ll be renewed or cancelled. Is it a bad sign Blair Redford is back on Switched At Birth this summer? If the show is cancelled, maybe ABC Family will let it return long enough to wrap up its stories.


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