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Superman II

Updated on May 26, 2013

The Man of Steel is back for a sequel

"Superman II" is perhaps one of the greatest sequels of all time. The film is based off the popular D.C. comics character, whom is sent to Earth as a baby in order to avoid the fate of dying on an exploding planet, Krypton. Before Superman is sent to Earth, though, Jor-El, Superman's father, imprisons three Kryptonian criminals into a phantom zone where they're sent whirling through space. However, due to an meteor crash with the phantom zone, the three Kryptonians are released from thier prison, and team up with the notorious Lex Luthor to seek revenge against Superman. Meanwhile, Lois Lane soon discovers that her bumbling newspaper colleague, Clark Kent, and the guy of her dreams, Superman, are one in the same. However, this discovery forces Superman to debate between his heroic obligations and his human emotions. Christopher Reeves (Superman/Clark Kent) and Margot Kidder (Lois Lane) create a lot of the same chemistry together that made the first film a classic, and take it to a whole new level. The special effects team did a great job with the epic fight scenes although I'd admit they're tamed by today's standards. The only gripe was the film still comes off as predictable, and I felt the ending could've been handled better. However, "Superman II" is a great sequel.

The chemistry between Margot and Chris is simply excellent. Like the first one, the film centers around the relationship between Lois and Superman/Clark Kent. This creates an environment where the audience is able to identify with the characters. For example, when Superman must decide to become mortal to be with Lois, the viewer is able to understand how much Clark feels about her and what he's willing to give up. The screenplay also deserves some merit because it helps create a lot of the powerful scenes throughout the movie.

The screenplay does a great job presenting the characters as human beings by using many powerful scenes. In one moment, the viewer will be touched when Lois discovers Superman's true identity, yet saddened when Clark gets beat up in a bar and realizes what it is to be vulnerable like the rest of us. It's because of these various scenes that the audience is able to symphasize with the characters.

However, many powerful scenes never would've happened if it weren't for the special effects. It allowed for a lot of great fight scenes that many fans craved in the first film. The film keeps the viewer in suspense, one moment, when Superman fights the three super Kryptonians in Metropolis, yet cheering at the end when Superman confronts them in the fortress of solitude. With all that being said, this film does have its flaws, though.

The film still comes off as predictable to most viewers where the audience knows that somehow everything comes out okay at the end. Plus, I felt the ending seemed a bit rushed and unorganized. (Warning: Possible Spoiler Alert!)Like when Superman gives Lois a amnesia kiss to make her forget what happened, seems like a weak way to end things if you ask me. However, with that being said, it doesn't ruin anything in this film.

Many fans, of the first film, can rest assured that "Superman II" is one of the greatest sequels ever made. Margot and Christopher are brilliant in this film together, and the script was very well written. Yet, many of the special effects help create a lot of the action that was absent in the first film. Overall, this is a great sequel.


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