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The Many Crazy Looks of Lady Gaga, Part 2!

Updated on March 24, 2014

The Fly!!

Bacon, Anyone?

Above: Gaga performs on NBC's 'Today'. I wonder if those bizarre goggles give her fly vision.

Right: Gaga shows off her infamous meat dress the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

Her Highness Gaga

The Triumphant Return of Shoulder Pads

Above: Another eccentric, yet less disgusting, look for Gaga at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

Right: Gaga performs with shoulder extensions at Radio City Music Hall.

Gaga's Going Green

Our Lady of Gaga

Above: Truly one of the weirdest fashion statements I've ever seen. Why do the Kermits by her chin look dead?

Right: Can I expect a Lady Gaga coin with this display soon?

Glam Rock and Butt Floss


Above: Gaga leaves little to the imagination while performing at the 52nd Grammy Awards show.

Right: The lack of real clothing and the rips and tears make me wonder if she's just been assaulted!


World's Biggest Pipe Cleaner

Above: Gaga performs as the cutest bubble ever.

Right:Gaga gets all wrapped up in this weird ensemble.

Take Me To Your Leader!

Above: Gaga welcomes us to the future in this spacey outfit.

Below: The Addams family called...

Cousin It

A Trip to the Burn Ward

Naughty Nun!

Above: Someone call Austin Powers, I think a fembot escaped!

Right: Mixing sexuality and religion, Gaga style.

Below: An awesome video of funny moments on tour with Lady Gaga.

Some of Gaga's Best Moments

Bitch Stole My Look!

Gaga's interesting fashion choices have inspired other divas to experiment with their looks as well. But who wears it better?

See results

Take our poll or comment below for more fun!

Below: How does Gaga stand in those shoes? And furthermore, how does she sit down in that dress??


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